Bua Jan (Bua Jaan) at Journey to Freedom project (Sangduen Chailert)

Bua Jan (Bua Jaan)
ID Number:
Species: Asian elephant (Elephas maximus)
Sex and age:Female ♀ 30 years old
Management:Free contact
Location:Journey to Freedom project (Sangduen Chailert)
ArrivedJourney to Freedom project (Sangduen Chailert) 2016-00-00
from Khun Pai Tun
Khun Pai Tun
from Anantara Golden Triangles Elephant Camp
Anantara Golden Triangles Elephant Camp
from Khun Pai Tun
Khun Pai Tun
from Maetaman Elephant Camp
Maetaman Elephant Camp
from Khun Pai Tun
Born:1988 unknown
Offspring and year of birth:
  1. (M) 1985 Boon Me (Boon Mi)
  2. (M) 1995 -- † 2015? Plai Somjai
  3. (M) 2002 Somboon
  4. (M) 2009-11-00 Erawan
  5. (M) 2014-03-03 -- † 2018-01-29 Zuki
Document updated2011-03-16: new record
2018-04-25: transferred to Journey to Freedom project (ENP/Lek Chailert project)
2018-05-10: previous locations
Owner: Khun Pai Tun

Sources, among others

  • https://www.saveelephant.org/news/reunion-forest/

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