Ibala an African savanna elephant at Disneys Animal Kingdom

☨ Ibala
ID nr:   SSP Number: 189 - 
Species: African savanna elephant
Sex and age:Female ♀ 26 years old
Dead date: 2005-05-13
Death reason: disease: Uterine infection after caesarean section operation
Location:Disneys Animal Kingdom
ArrivalDisneys Animal Kingdom 1997-10-04
from Phoenix Zoo
Phoenix Zoo 1982-06-24
from Lion Country Safari, Inc - Grand Prairie
Born:* 1979 wild Zimbabwe
Capture: 1981 ,
Offspring and year of birth:
  1. (M) 2005-05-13 -- † 2005-05-13 Noname, SSP nr: 543
Document updated2009-03-20: Previous locations, Birth, SSP, Text
Moyo and Thandi were imported together from Zimbabwe to Ferndale. They were sold to the Point Defiance Zoo in January 1983. After 14 years together, they were transferred in June 1997 to Disney's Animal Kingdom as potential breeding candidates.
Ibala and Rafiki were imported together from Zimbabwe to Grand Prarie. Several months later they were sold to the Phoenix Zoo in June 1982. After 15 years together, they were transferred in October 1997 to Disney's Animal Kingdom as potential breeding candidates, several months following the additions of Moyo and Thandi. Ibala died in May 2005 after an unsuccessful birth to her first calf. The 26 year old elephant died several hours after an emergency episiotomy procedure to remover her dead fetus. She was artificially inseminated in July 2003 with semen collected from one of Disney's several males, Bulwagi. It was to be the third calf born at the Park.
Of the four additions in a several month period, only one of these animals has birthed successfully at the Animal Kingdom. Moyo has given birth to the first and fourth calves, both males. Tufani was born in May 2003 and Tsavo in June 2008, both sired by Jackson during his breeding loan from the Pittsburgh Zoo.

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