Frequently asked questions about elephants

There is 15 frequently asked questions and answers.

  1. Are elephants endangered species?
  2. Are elephants ruminants?
  3. Are there any living dwarf elephants?
  4. Do elephants actually have teeth?
  5. Do people still ride elephants in India?
  6. elephants climbing up snow covered hills
  7. How fast can elephants run?
  8. How many chromosomes do elephants have?
  9. How much blood does an elephant have?
  10. How much can an elephant lift?
  11. How much do elephants eat and drink?
  12. If elephants have opposable thumbs, why aren´t they considered primates?
  13. What is the difference between Asian and Indian elephants?
  14. What is your opinion on parent selection before AI in focus on subspecies of parent?
  15. Will elephants become extinct within the next century?
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