Elephant feet

asian elephant front foot
The frontfoot of asian elephants has five nails.
asian elephant hind foot The hindfoot of asian elephants has four nails.

A wellkept foot

has a smothly flat sole without any cracks or openings. The nails are short and the tip of the nail is a little bit rounded to prevent that the very tip takes any weight pressure, which may cause the nail to crack. The frontal part of the nail should be clean but not polished, and the skin above the nail should be smoothly attached to the nail without any gap.

A badkept foot

has to long nails, sometimes with vertical pressure cracks, or even holes in the nail where there is dirt. The skin above the nails is poorly attched to the nail, it may be dry and dehydrated with cracks and penetrating skinparts, developed into "pockets" where also theres dirt. The sole is cracked, developing pockets where dirt is stucked, reducing the temperature isolation of the foot.

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