In India, the elephants are often referred to, as to which cast of elephants they belong.

The Komeriah (throughbred) is the highest cast, in the old days highly appreciated as war elephants, mainly because they were regarded as calm, brave, and disciplined in warlike situations. A Komeriah should have a large, compact body, richly muscled, andin perfect symmetry. Not too short legs, but definitely not toolong, it shall give a stabile impression. The skin may be ratherrough, the eyes calm but intensive, protected by muscles and fat. Very important is that the size and shape of the head, is large and not with a bony look.

(The opposite cast is the Mriga, slender, with long narrow bones, and a small bony head. Mrigas are supposed to be easily frightened, nervous, and difficult to control in critical situations. Dwasala is the intermediatecast.)

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