27 March 2019
Now intensively researching how to get the database queries to work with php7. //Dan

Dry moats

Between 1938 and 2009 at least 29 elephants died, or was euthanised due to accidents related to dry moats in elephant facilities. Dry moats were common during the 20th century, to separate elephants from the public, as well as keeping the elephants confined, both indoor and outdoor. Dry moats should not be built anymore, but some older elephants facilities still use them. Old deep dry moats with hard bottom are very risky, and elephants can fall down, either when searching for food, or when they fight. If a dry moat is used it should have soft bottom, dropdown < 1,5 meters, width > 2,4 meters, and ramp or gate access to enclosure. (Biology, medicine, and surgery of elephants, by Murray E. Fowler, Susan K. Mikota)

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