The last weeks in the camp

The visit by the forest officers and the two men from Trivandrum Zoo would change my life, but of course, I didn't know it then.

But in the following weeks I experienced the trauma of being separated from my mom, and it made me feel deserted and lonesome. Even if she stood chained only some meters away, I couldn't reach her. She was also very frustrated by this, and the first night she stood roaring for hours.

And then one day the lorry came to fetch me.
The lorry was even bigger than the Jeep, and the sound and the smell worse. The entire body had colours in red and yellow, which for me appeared to be poisonous, like warning colours of insects or fishes.

The very day for my departure began with a bathe in the river, and poya, with ragi, but after this there was..

To be continued...

Ganesha vachanam shrutva pranathaa
bhakti bhaavathah
Paprachchustham punah shaanthaa
gnyaanam broohi Gajaanana

Listening to the words of Ganesha,
with prayer and devotion,
we ask again...
Teach us the knowledge of peace, oh Gajanana!

(Ganesha Geetasara)

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Until we meet again, farewell!

Copyright Shiva from the dawn of time, eternally.