My birth

The next morning the working elephants began to walk back to the camp, as usual, in order to have their ragi (finger millet) breakfast, carefully prepared by the mahouts. Only seldom did the mahouts have to go out in the forest to look for them. First, my mother refused to go with the others, but after a while she came after, and she never met my father again.

I was born one morning, about 22 months later. My mothers mahout helped me the first hours, but after a while, my mother took care of me alone. First, he thought something was wrong, because I came with the hindparts first, but later he heard from elder mahouts that this is always the case.

If my mother would have been able to speak with him, she could have explained that this has always been so, since we elephants were semi-aquatus previously. Also dolphins give birth this way, avoiding the baby drowning if the delivery takes time. When elephant babies are born in the wild, the mother is often assisted by elder females, especially if it is the first time.

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