Nilambur elephant camp

I grew and grew. But since I was still small, my mother and me were not let out at night, so we slept near the huts of the mahouts. My mother couldnt move from there, because in the night the mahouts tied a hard plant which was called chain, around her leg, which restricted her movement.

The other elephants that slept in the jungle would come after dawn to the camp in order to have their ragi breakfast. Some of them pulled a chain from their backleg which prevented that they went to far away in the night. One of the older bulls would actually pick the chain up with his trunk, maybe he was tired with the noise from the chain on the ground.

The Nedungayam camp was situated on a sloap close to the river and a bridge, in the near of the town Nilambur.

In a small hut was our ragi made, and in the morning every one would walk to the cottage and wait behind a bar. We were 32 elephants in the camp, and everyone would get ragi in the morning before work.

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