My Mahout

The first year I only slept when my mom had her ragi, and had some some milk in a bottle from my mahout instead..But soon enough I started to pick up some ragi mom dropped, and when I was one year old I had my own from my mother's mahout. We always stood in a line and leaned over a bar, outside the ragi hut. Everyone had their own place, and their own mahout to take care of them and feed them. The ragi was always prepared early in the morning. It was fresh, sweet, and very delicate. The only problem was waiting. The older elephant babies sometimes roared when they got impatient, and ocassionally I did too.

The mahout had great patience. He made a roll out of ricestraw, put some seeds into it, and made a small packet, which he offered us. While we were eating, he made a new one.

The story continues...