My training begins

I also started to work, at least that is what I thought it was at the time. The mahout told me to go forward, backward and to lie down. It wasnt too bad, but he could be angry if I did not obey, and my mom would get angry too. She was pulling smaller logs nearby the camp, and prepared them for loading on the lorries. Normally we worked for three hours before lunch and three hours after lunch. Every afternoon after work we went down to the river that ran close to the camp for bathing and playing time. There were no other baby elephants there, so I had to play by myself. I loved water, and soon enough learned how to swim and to dive.Sometimes I just lay deep in the water, with my trunk above the surface.

I used to have a leather band around my foot, and sometimes the mahout tied me. The band didnt feel comfortable the first few times, but somehow I got used to it.
My mom was always tied at night in one chain to a nearby tree, and occasionally i was also, for an hour or so.

The story continues...