An elephant fight

The head of our group was a very old elephant, Kawderi, and everybody obeyed her, even my mom. She had some problems with her trunk and could not move it properly. I guess it was because she was very old. Her poop was very small and dry, with lots of half digested food and they smelled strangely. One day she disappeared, and I never saw her again.

My mother wanted to become the new leader, but she had competition. Another female, called Upali, challenged her one day and I was scared. It happened during breakfast time, just outside the hut. The mahouts had given Kawderi's place to my mother, and we were standing there eating, when suddenly Upali, rushed against my mother, and slashed her forehead and trunk towards her. Upali was very strong, and my mom lost balance, and knelt down on her legs.

Something we elephants and man have in common is the knee, which is otherwise rare among animals. My mother got up fast and answered with a stroke of her trunk. She had good tushes while Upali was tuskless, a so called Makhna. The fight was soon over, and Upali backed to her old place. Blood was running from a cut at her forehead.

The mahouts reached Upali and started to scream at her. I could see that she felt very bad. Her head sunk, and she pulled her head down between her forelegs, and closed her eyelids. Carefully she smelled at her cut with her trembling trunk. Her mahout put some oily smelly liquid on the cut and I could see that she felt better. From that day my mom was leader, and Upali never started any more fights. Whenever Upali came near,
I went between moms forelegs, a safe place for a baby elephant.

The story continues...