More training

Two years went by. At daytime, mom went for work, while I had to stay behind in the camp. First I missed her very much, but I was occupied with a lot of work, so I didnt had so much time to grieve. I learned to go forward, stop and reverse, and how to pick up my mahouts Angkus from the ground and pass it over to him, or to pick up a small stick that he lay on the ground. When giving the commands, he called me na, which means elephant in Malayalam, the language of Kerala. The mahouts has different names for us elephants, in different parts of the word. In most India the name for elephant is Hathi, or Hasti. In Sri Lanka, the island south of India, elephants are refered to as Aaliya, while in Thailand we are called Chang. And the mahouts always go on commanding "Elephant do this", "Elephant do that" while in Europe and America we are called by our names.
The reason is simple: In Asia a mahout always work with one elephant only, while in the western world, trainers often work with several individuals at one time.

When I did the right thing he talked smoothly, but when I didnt, he went on asking me until I did. Sometimes I had a piece of sugarcane as reward.

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