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Amboseli National Park

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1Cynthia Mossethologist2021-11-03 03:39:05

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3 locations which may match your search Amboseli National Park in the elephant database.

1Amboseli National ParkwildNamangahttp://www.kws.org/amboseli.html
2Chyulu Hills National ParkwildKibwezi
3Selenkay Conservancywild

286 elephants with keyword Amboseli National Park mentioned in the database

1Abigail LAFwild1967?wild x Wart EarAmboseli National Park
2Abigail LAFwild1967?wild x Amboseli National Park
3Abra LAFwild1994-10-00wild x AudreyAmboseli National Park1994-10-00
4Acamar LAMwild1995-01-00wild x AltheaAmboseli National Park1995-01-00
5Adam LAMwildwild x AlyceAmboseli National Park1973-01-00
6Adam LAMwild1973wild x AlyceAmboseli National Park1973-00-00
7Agatha LAFwild1968?wild x AnnabelleAmboseli National Park
8Agatha LAFwild1968?dead2013 x noname (wild, mother to Alison and Agatha)Amboseli National Park
9Alana (twin) LAFwild2020-02-00wild x AngelinaAmboseli National Park2020-02-00
10Albert LAMwild1967-01-00wild x AmyAmboseli National Park1967-01-00
11Albert LAMwild1967?wild x Amboseli National Park
12Alexander LAFwildwild x AgathaAmboseli National Park
13Alioth LAMwild1995-03-00wild x AmberAmboseli National Park1995-03-00
14Alison LAFwild1962wild x Amboseli National Park
15Alison LAFwild1962?wild x noname (wild, mother to Alison and Agatha)Amboseli National Park
16Althea LAFwild1982-03-00wild x AgathaAmboseli National Park1982-00-00
17Althea LAFwildwild x AgathaAmboseli National Park
18Alyce LAFwild1950?dead1979-06-00 x Amboseli National Park
19Alyce LAFwild1950?dead1979-06-00 x Amboseli National Park
20Amber LAFwild1981-06-00wild x AmyAmboseli National Park1981-06-00
21Amelia LAFwild1968?wild x AlyceAmboseli National Park1968-00-00
22Amelia LAFwild1968?wild x AlyceAmboseli National Park
23Amos LAMwild1972-04-00wild x Wart EarAmboseli National Park1972-04-00
24Amos LAMwild1972wild x Amboseli National Park1972-00-00
25Amy LAFwild1952?dead2005 x Amboseli National Park
26Amy LAFwildwild x Amboseli National Park
27Angelina LAFwild1985wild x AmyAmboseli National Park
28Annabelle LAFwilddead1974-09-00 x Amboseli National Park
29Arlus M LAMwild1988-01-00wild x AlisonAmboseli National Park1988-01-00
30Astrid LAFwildwild x AlisonAmboseli National Park
31Atlas (twin) LAMwild2020-02-00dead2022-02-00 x AngelinaAmboseli National Park2020-02-00
32Audrey LAFwild1972-04-00dead2009 x AmyAmboseli National Park1972-04-00
33Audrey LAFwild1972?wild x AmyAmboseli National Park
34Avram LAMwild1991-10-00wild x AlisonAmboseli National Park1991-10-00
35Beach Ball (wild) LAMwilddead1996 x Amboseli National Park
36Bente LAFwild1970?dead2022-08-16 x BetteAmboseli National Park1970-00-00
37Bertha (wild) LAFwilddead>1975-03-00 x Amboseli National Park
38Bette LAFwild1947?dead1989-03-00 x Amboseli National Park
39Bronowsky (wild) LAMwilddead2012-07-00 x Amboseli National Park
40Calvin LAMwilddead2008 x Amboseli National Park
41Craig (wild) LAMwild1972dead2021 x Amboseli National Park
42Deborah (wild) LAFwild<1973dead2014-09-07 x Amboseli National Park
43Dumbledore LAMwild2003dead2017-10-00 x Amboseli National Park2003-00-00
44E-mail LAMwild2001wild x Erin (wild)Amboseli National Park2001-00-00
45Eamon (wild) LAMwild1976dead x Echo (wild)Amboseli National Park1976-00-00
46Ebenezer LAMwilddead2009 x Amboseli National Park
47Ebony LAFwild1994wild x Echo (wild)Amboseli National Park1994-00-00
48Echeri LAFwild1995wild x Erin (wild)Amboseli National Park1995-00-00
49Echo (wild) LAFwild1945?dead2009-05-00 x noname (wild, mother of Echo, Emily and Ella)Amboseli National Park
50Eclipse (twin) LAFwild1980wild x EstelleAmboseli National Park1980-00-00
51Edgar (wild) LAMwild1988dead1991-10-00 x Erin (wild)Amboseli National Park1988-00-00
52Edwina (wild) LAFwild1982-08-00wild x Erin (wild)Amboseli National Park1982-08-00
53Ejac LAMwild1997wild x Enid (wild)Amboseli National Park1997-00-00
54Elaine LAFwild1999wild x Edwina (wild)Amboseli National Park1999-00-00
55Eldon LAMwild1996wild x Eudora (wild)Amboseli National Park1996-00-00
56Eldoret LAMwildwild x Amboseli National Park
57Eldoret LAMwilddead2008 x Amboseli National Park
58Eleanor (wild) LAFwild1985-03-00wild x Erin (wild)Amboseli National Park1985-03-00
59Elettra LAFwild1995wild x Ella (wild)Selenkay Conservancy
60Elif LAFwild2008-03-00wild x Edwina (wild)Amboseli National Park2008-03-00
61Eliot (wild) LAFwild1985-04-00wild x Echo (wild)Amboseli National Park1985-04-00
62Ella (wild) LAFwild1965?dead2021-08-19 x noname (wild, mother of Echo, Emily and Ella)Selenkay Conservancy
63Elmo LAMwild1999wild x Eleanor (wild)Amboseli National Park1999-00-00
64Elspeth (wild) LAFwild1988-10-00wild x Eudora (wild)Amboseli National Park1988-00-00
65Elton (wild) LAMwild1985wild x Amboseli National Park
66Ely (wild) LAMwild1990-03-01wild x Echo (wild)Amboseli National Park2009-00-00
67Emilio LAMwild2002-12-03wild x Eliot (wild)Amboseli National Park2002-12-03
68Emily (wild) LAFwild~1950dead1989-09-08? x noname (wild, mother of Echo, Emily and Ella)Amboseli National Park
69Emily Kate LAFwild2000wild x Echo (wild)Amboseli National Park
70Emma (wild) LAFwild1987wild x Ella (wild)Selenkay Conservancy
71Emmet LAMwild1999wild x Ella (wild)Amboseli National Park1999-00-00
72Emo (wild) LAMwild1980wild x Emily (wild)Amboseli National Park1980-00-00
73Enid (wild) LAFwild1982-01-00wild x Echo (wild)Amboseli National Park1982-01-00
74Entito LAFwild2006-08-00wild x Eliot (wild)Amboseli National Park2006-08-00
75Equinox (twin) LAMwild1980wild x EstelleAmboseli National Park1980-00-00
76Eric (wild) LAMwild1978-12-00wild x Ella (wild)Amboseli National Park1978-12-00
77Erica LAFwild1998wild x Erin (wild)Amboseli National Park1998-00-00
78Erin (wild) LAFwild1969?dead2003-05-21 x Echo (wild)Amboseli National Park
79Esprit LAFwild2005wild x Echo (wild)Amboseli National Park2005-00-00
80Estelle LAFwildwild x Amboseli National Park
81Eudora (wild) LAFwild1972unknown x Emily (wild)Amboseli National Park1972-00-00
82Eugiene LAFwildwild x Amboseli National Park
83Europa LAFwild1995wild x Edwina (wild)Amboseli National Park1995-00-00
84Evaline LAFwild2008?wild x ElettraSelenkay Conservancy
85Ewan (wild) LAMwild1982wild x Ella (wild)Amboseli National Park1982-00-00
86Explorer LAMwild2000wild x Elspeth (wild)Amboseli National Park2000-00-00
87Ezra (wild) LAMwild1972?dead2018-06-18 x Amboseli National Park
88Fanny LAFwild1969?wild x FredaAmboseli National Park
89Fay LAFwild1965?wild x FredaAmboseli National Park
90Felicity LAFwildwild x Amboseli National Park
91Fenella LAFwilddead2012-07-17 x Amboseli National Park
92Flora LAFwild1961?wild x Amboseli National Park
93Fortino LAFwildwild x FannyAmboseli National Park
94Freda LAFwilddead2009 x Amboseli National Park
95Fritz LAMwild1979dead1984 x FredaAmboseli National Park
96Gabriella LAFwild1961?dead1978 x Amboseli National Park
97Gail LAFwild1983-06-00wild x GraceAmboseli National Park1983-06-00
98Ganesh LAMwild1963dead2008 x Amboseli National Park1963-00-00
99Gardenia LAFwild1980-02-00wild x GeraldineAmboseli National Park1980-02-00
100GER83 LAMwild1983-05-00wild x GeraldineAmboseli National Park1983-05-00
101Geraldine LAFwildwild x Amboseli National Park
102Gillie LAFwild1970wild x GraceAmboseli National Park1970-00-00
103Gladys LAFwildwild x Amboseli National Park
104Glenda LAFwildwild x Amboseli National Park
105Gloria LAFwildwild x Amboseli National Park
106Golda LAFwild1974-04-00wild x GloriaAmboseli National Park1974-04-00
107Gomer LAMwild1974wild x GeraldineAmboseli National Park
108Goodness LAFwild1980-01-00wild x GloriaAmboseli National Park1980-01-00
109Grace LAFwild1950?dead x Amboseli National Park
110Gwen LAFwild1979-06-00wild x GraceAmboseli National Park1979-06-00
111Icarus (wild) LAMwild1983wild x Amboseli National Park
112Igor LAMwild1958?dead2009-00-00 x IsabelAmboseli National Park1958-00-00
113Ilesha LAFwildwild x ImogenAmboseli National Park2004-00-00
114Ilka LAFwild1979wild x Amboseli National Park
115Ilsa LAFwild1980-04-00wild x IrisAmboseli National Park1980-00-00
116Imogen LAFwild1985wild x IrisAmboseli National Park1985-00-00
117Ine LAFwild1989wild x IrisAmboseli National Park1989-00-00
118Ipii LAFwild1993wild x IlkaAmboseli National Park1993-00-00
119Ira LAMwilddead2007 x Amboseli National Park
120IRE71 LAMwild1971dead1977-04-00 x IreneAmboseli National Park1971-00-00
121Irene LAFwild1955?dead1977-04-00 x Amboseli National Park
122Iris LAFwild1962?wild x Amboseli National Park
123Isabel LAFwild1920?dead1977-04-00 x Amboseli National Park
124Isabella LAFwild1990dead2008 x Amboseli National Park
125Isaiah LAMwilddead2007 x Amboseli National Park
126Isidudu LAFwild2014wild x IlsaAmboseli National Park2014-00-00
127Isis LAFwilddead2008 x Amboseli National Park
128Isis (wild) LAFwildwild x Amboseli National Park
129Iyembe LAMwild2012-00-00wild x ImogenAmboseli National Park2012-00-00
130Jake (wild) LAMwild~1965dead1996 x Jezebel (wild)Amboseli National Park
131Jalila LAFwildwild x JemimaAmboseli National Park
132Jemima LAFwildwild x Amboseli National Park
133Jessica (wild) LAFwild~1950dead1988-01-00 x Amboseli National Park
134Jezebel (wild) LAFwild~1935dead>1993-11-20 x Amboseli National Park
135Jill (wild) EMFwild~1964dead2009 x Amboseli National Park
136Joyce (wild) LAFwild~1941dead2009-00-00 x Amboseli National Park
137Julep LAFwild2007-05-00wild x JemimaAmboseli National Park
138Kaitlin LAFwild1968?wild x Amboseli National Park1977-01-00
139KAL94 LAFwild1994-12--00wild x KalliopeAmboseli National Park1994-12-00
140Kalliope LAFwild1980-11-00wild x KizzyAmboseli National Park1980-11-00
141Kameo LAFwild1972?wild x Amboseli National Park1977-01-00
142Katito (wild twin) LAMwild2018-04-00wild x Paru (wild)Amboseli National Park2018-04-00
143Keely LAFwild1968?wild x Amboseli National Park1977-01-00
144Kigali LAFwild2004wild x KalliopeAmboseli National Park2004-00-00
145Kit LAFwildwild x Amboseli National Park1977-01-00
146Kizzy LAFwild1956?wild x Amboseli National Park1977-01-00
147Kleo LAFwildwild x Amboseli National Park1977-01-00
148Kora LAFwildwild x Amboseli National Park1977-01-00
149Kostas LAMwild1994-07-00wild x KizzyAmboseli National Park1994-07-00
150Kristian LAMwild1989-03-00wild x KleoAmboseli National Park1989-03-00
151Leticia LAFwilddead2009 x Amboseli National Park
152Little Male (wild) LAMwild1968?dead2017-10-00 x Emily (wild)Amboseli National Park
153Lumpy Tusk LAMwilddead2007 x Amboseli National Park
154M 41 (wild) LAMwildwild x Amboseli National Park
155M118 (wild) LAMwild1965?dead1994 x Mariana (wild)Amboseli National Park
156M135 (wild) LAMwild<1972wild x Amboseli National Park
157M140 (wild) LAMwilddead1994-12-00 x Amboseli National Park
158M262 LAMwild1968dead2008 x Amboseli National Park1968-00-00
159M88 (wild) LAMwildwild x Amboseli National Park
160Mable (wild) LAFwild1957?wild x Amboseli National Park
161MAC83 (wild) LAMwild1983-02-00wild x Marcia (wild)Amboseli National Park
162Maggie (wild) LAFwildwild x Amboseli National Park
163Marcia (wild) LAFwild1960?dead1984 x Amboseli National Park
164Mariana (wild) LAFwild1945?dead2009-04-00 x Amboseli National Park
165Marigold (wild) LAFwild1979-11-00wild x Mariana (wild)Amboseli National Park
166Michael (wild) LAMwildwild x Mable (wild)Amboseli National Park
167Mick (wild) LAMwild1979-12-00wild x Marcia (wild)Amboseli National Park
168miscarriage LAunknownwild2012dead2012 x AstridAmboseli National Park2012-00-00
169Mischa (wild) LAMwild1981-12-00wild x Mable (wild)Amboseli National Park
170Mulberry (wild) LAFwild1983-03-00wild x Mariana (wild)Amboseli National Park
171Mwangi (wild) LAMwild1973dead1989 x Mariana (wild)Amboseli National Park
172noname LAFwild2007dead2008 x TeclaAmboseli National Park
173noname (wild, Annabels calf) LAunknownwilddead1975 x AnnabelleAmboseli National Park
174noname (wild, dead) LAunknownwild1976dead1976 x AlisonAmboseli National Park1976-00-00
175noname (wild, dead) LAunknownwild1976dead1976-09-00 x Emily (wild)Amboseli National Park1976-00-00
176noname (wild, dead) LAunknownwild1998dead1998 x Eliot (wild)Amboseli National Park1998-00-00
177noname (wild, dead) LAunknownwild2000dead2000 x Eliot (wild)Amboseli National Park
178noname (wild, dead) LAFwild1983-10-00dead1984 x Emily (wild)Amboseli National Park1983-10-00
179noname (wild, mother of Echo, Emily and Ella) LAFwilddead x Amboseli National Park
180noname (wild, mother to Alison and Agatha) LAFwildwild x Amboseli National Park
181noname (wild) LAMwild1988-11-00dead1989-03-00 x Tuskless (wild)Amboseli National Park
182noname (wild) EMwildwild x Selenkay Conservancy2016-02-15
183Norah (wild twin) LAFwild2018-04-00dead2018-10-21? x Paru (wild)Amboseli National Park2018-04-00
184Odile LAFwilddead2009 x Amboseli National Park
185Padua (wild) LAFwildwild x Paru (wild)Amboseli National Park
186Paru (wild) LAFwildwild x Amboseli National Park
187Piaza LAFwild1994-03-00wild x PuffAmboseli National Park1994-00-00
188Pleiades LAFwildwild x Amboseli National Park
189Porpor LAMwild1987-08-00lost x PuffAmboseli National Park1987-08-00
190Puff EMFwild1972?wild x Amboseli National Park
191Qantina LAFwild1999dead2012-10-00 x QumquatAmboseli National Park
192Quaye LAFwild2002dead2012-10-00 x Amboseli National Park2002-00-00
193Qumquat LAFwild1969dead2012-10-00 x Amboseli National Park1969-00-00
194Regan LAMwild1985-05-00FC x RisaAmboseli National Park
195Renata LAFwildwild x Amboseli National Park
196RGB M119 (wild) LAFwilddead1994-10-00 x Amboseli National Park
197Risa LAFwild1970?dead2023-01-09 x Amboseli National Park1970-00-00
198Scoop-Ear LAMwilddead2007 x Amboseli National Park
199Seamus LAMwilddead2009 x Amboseli National Park
200Sleepy M78 (wild) LAMwilddead1994-10-00 x Amboseli National Park
201Slit Trunk LAMwild1959?dead1976 x Amboseli National Park
202Soila LAFwilddead x Amboseli National Park
203Sona (wild) LAFwilddead>1977-11-00 x Amboseli National Park
204stillborn LAwild2007dead2007 x RenataAmboseli National Park2007-00-00
205stillborn LAunknownwild2008-12-00dead2008-12-00 x PuffAmboseli National Park2008-12-00
206stillborn LAunknownwild1990-11-08dead1990-11-08 x AstridAmboseli National Park1990-11-08
207Tallulah (wild) LAFwild1963dead2003-12-00 x Trista (wild)Amboseli National Park
208Tao LAFwild1980-03-00wild x Tallulah (wild)Amboseli National Park1980-03-00
209TataBamba (wild) LAFwild1988dead2012-11-00 x Theodora (wild)Amboseli National Park
210Tecla LAFwildwild x Amboseli National Park
211Teddy (wild) LAMwild1966unknown x Torn Ear (wild)Amboseli National Park
212Teresia (wild) LAFwild~1923dead1980-12-00 x Amboseli National Park
213Teryl (wild) LAFwild1995-01-00dead2009 x Tulip (wild)Amboseli National Park
214Theodora (wild) LAFwild1967wild x Teresia (wild)Amboseli National Park
215Three Holes Right LAFwild1965?wild x Amboseli National Park1965-00-00
216Tijl Lenku LAMwild2009-01-00wild x TaoAmboseli National Park2009-01-00
217Tim (wild) LAMwild1969dead2020-03-04 x Trista (wild)Amboseli National Park1969-00-00
218Timanoi (wild) LAFwild2006-03-00wild x Tulip (wild)Amboseli National Park
219Tina (wild) LAFwild~1960dead1976-12-00 x Teresia (wild)Amboseli National Park
220Tolstoy LAMwild1971dead2022-04-27 x Teresia (wild)Amboseli National Park
221Tonie LAFwild1967?dead2009 x Amboseli National Park
222Tor LAMwild1990-03wild x TonieAmboseli National Park1990-03-00
223Torn Ear (wild) LAFwild~1933dead1976 x Amboseli National Park
224Torn Ear (wild) LAMwild<1990dead2014-02-07 x Chyulu Hills National Park
225Trevor LAMwilddead2008 x Amboseli National Park
226Trista (wild) LAFwilddead1977-06-00 x Amboseli National Park
227Tulip LAFwilddead2008 x Amboseli National Park
228Tulip (wild) LAFwild1984-03-00dead2008 x Tuskless (wild)Amboseli National Park
229Tuo (wild) LAMwild1980-05-00wild x Tuskless (wild)Amboseli National Park
230Tuskless (wild) LAFwild~1962dead1997-01-00 x Torn Ear (wild)Amboseli National Park
231Twoo LAFwild2001dead2008 x Amboseli National Park2001-00-00
232Tyler (wild) LAMwild1999-11-00wild x Tulip (wild)Amboseli National Park
233Ulla LAFwilddead2009 x Amboseli National Park
234Ulysses LAMwild1979-02-00dead2022-03-26 x Amboseli National Park1979-02-00
235unknown LAwild2006wild x TulipAmboseli National Park2006-00-00
236unknown LAunknownwild2021-11-00wild x AstridAmboseli National Park2021-11-00
237unknown LAMwild2020-00-00wild x ElifAmboseli National Park2020-00-00
238unknown LAFwild2020wild x EugieneAmboseli National Park2020-00-00
239unknown LAunknownwildwild x FortinoAmboseli National Park
240unknown LAMwild1976-03-00dead1976-09-00 x FloraAmboseli National Park1976-03-00
241unknown LAMwild1980-02-00dead1984 x KoraAmboseli National Park1980-02-00
242unknown LAMwild2020unknown x Ella (wild)Selenkay Conservancy
243unknown LAwild2016-02-15wild x Emma (wild)Selenkay Conservancy2016-02-15
244unknown LAFwild2020wild x GoldaAmboseli National Park
245Unknown LAunknownwildwild x KigaliAmboseli National Park
246unknown LAFwild2021-11-13wild x YvetteAmboseli National Park2021-11-13
247Unknown LAunknownwild1988-01-00dead1988-02-00 x AudreyAmboseli National Park1988-01-00
248Unknown LAunknownwild1990wild x AudreyAmboseli National Park1990-00-00
249Unknown LAunknownwild1976-08-11dead1976-09-00 x AlisonAmboseli National Park1976-08-11
250Unknown LAFwild1979-01-00wild x AlisonAmboseli National Park1979-01-00
251Unknown LAMwild1983dead1988-04-00 x AlisonAmboseli National Park1983-00-00
252Unknown LAFwild1993wild x AstridAmboseli National Park1993-00-00
253Unknown LAMwild1985-06-00dead1985-08-00 x AudreyAmboseli National Park1985-06-00
254Unknown LAunknownwild1976-03-30dead1976-09-00 x AmyAmboseli National Park1976-03-30
255unknown LAMwild2021-06-01wild x IlsaAmboseli National Park2021-06-01
256unknown LAFwild1983wild x Three Holes RightAmboseli National Park1983-00-00
257unknown LAMwild2020-07-00wild x Eliot (wild)Amboseli National Park2020-07-00
258unknown LAMwild2020-07-00wild x EntitoAmboseli National Park2020-07-00
259unknown LAMwild2020-00-00wild x EbonyAmboseli National Park2020-00-00
260unknown LAMwild2020wild x EspritAmboseli National Park2020-00-00
261unknown LAwild2004wild x OdileAmboseli National Park2004-00-00
262unknown (wild twin) LAFwild2020-03-00wild x PiazaAmboseli National Park2020-03-00
263unknown (wild twin) LAMwild2020-03-00wild x PiazaAmboseli National Park2020-03-00
264unknown (wild, dead) LAMwild1976-03-00dead1976-09-00 x AmyAmboseli National Park1976-03-00
265unknown (wild, dead) LAFwild2001dead2003 x Enid (wild)Amboseli National Park2001-00-00
266unknown (wild, dead) LAMwild1999dead1999 x Emma (wild)Amboseli National Park1999-00-00
267unknown (wild) LAunknownwild2003-12-25wild x Edwina (wild)Amboseli National Park2003-12-25
268unknown (wild) LAFwild>2011wild x Eliot (wild)Amboseli National Park
269unknown (wild) LAMwild>2011wild x Enid (wild)Amboseli National Park
270unknown (wild) LAMwild>2011wild x ElettraSelenkay Conservancy
271unknown (wild) LAMwild>2011wild x Ella (wild)Amboseli National Park
272unknown (wild) LAMwild>2011wild x EcheriAmboseli National Park
273unknown (wild) LAMwild>2011wild x EbonyAmboseli National Park
274unknown (wild) LAMwild2003wild x Ella (wild)Amboseli National Park2003-00-00
275unknown (wild) LAMwild2002-11-00wild x Eudora (wild)Amboseli National Park2002-11-00
276unknown (wild) LAMwild2012wild x QantinaAmboseli National Park2012-00-00
277Unknown male class 1B LAMwilddead2008 x Amboseli National Park
278unnamed (wild) LAFwild1976-06-00dead1979 x Tuskless (wild)Amboseli National Park
279unnamed (wild) LAunknownwild1975-05-00dead1975-11-00 x IrisAmboseli National Park1975-05-00
280unnamed (wild) LAMwild1965?dead1977-04-00 x Amboseli National Park1965-00-00
281unnamed (wild) LAMwild1976-02-00dead1976-10-00 x Mable (wild)Amboseli National Park
282Vicky (wild) LAFwildwild x Amboseli National Park
283Wart Ear LAFwild1944?dead x Amboseli National Park
284X004 LAMwildwild x Amboseli National Park
285Xenia LAFwilddead2009 x Amboseli National Park
286Yvette LAFwildwild x Amboseli National Park

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