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1Antwerp ZoozooAntwerpen
2Brussels ZoozooAntwerp
3Planckendael ZoozooMechelen

31 elephants with keyword Antwerp Zoo mentioned in the database

1 Tun Kai 201801? EMFcaptive-born2018-01-13PCChang x Kai Mook (Kai-Mook)Planckendael Zoo2018-01-13
2Api LAwilddead x Antwerp Zoo1947-06-27
3Assam 201204 EMMcaptive-born2012-04-13FCHussein x Lai SinhAntwerp Zoo2017-08-10
4Baby Q 201500 EMMcaptive-born2015-05-20dead2015-05-20Chang x May TaguPlanckendael Zoo2015-05-20
5Bangka 20005 EMFcaptive-born2000-11-28FCAlexander x IrmaRotterdam Zoo (Diergaarde Blijdorp)2000-11-28
6Dumbo 7604 EMFwild1972dead2020-05-19 x Planckendael Zoo2012-06-18
7Duvel 7603 EMFwild1974dead1996-06-07 x Antwerp Zoo1976-06-11
8Ike (Lakhsmi) 4504 EMFwild1936dead1981-11-09 x Antwerp Zoo1945-07-02
9Jacqueline EMFwilddead1880 x Antwerp Zoo1852-00-00
10Jeanni EMFwilddead x Antwerp Zoo1935-00-00
11Jenny LAFwilddead x Antwerp Zoo
12Jose LAFwilddead x Antwerp Zoo1952-07-30
13Kai Mook (Kai-Mook) 200906 EMFcaptive-born2009-05-17PCAlexander x Khaing Phyo PhyoPlanckendael Zoo2012-06-18
14Kanvar 200808 EMMcaptive-born2008-07-19PCGanapati (Ganapathy) x SamiPlanckendael Zoo2017-07-06
15Katimeh (Betsy) 511 EMFwilddead x Brussels Zoo1854-07-01
16Khaing Phyo Phyo 8109 EMFunknown1981-08-31dead2018-06-04 x Planckendael Zoo2012-06-18
17Maria LCFwilddead x Antwerp Zoo1921-10-28
18May Tagu 200504 EMFcaptive-born2005-04-11PCLuka x Khaing Phyo PhyoPlanckendael Zoo2012-06-18
19Monty (Monti, Daka) 4503 EMFwild1936dead1957-05-10 x Antwerp Zoo1945-07-02
20Qiyo 201500 EMFcaptive-born2015-06-16dead2018-05-27Chang x Khaing Phyo PhyoPlanckendael Zoo2015-06-16
21Rani (Rami?) 3603 EMFwild1933dead1975-04-09 x Antwerp Zoo1936-08-01
22Sam 201410 EMMcaptive-born2014-09-16PCEmmett (Tundi) x Azizah (Lay,Layang Layang)Antwerp Zoo2019-10-30
23stillborn (twin) 9605 EMFcaptive-born1996-03-17dead1996-03-17Siam x DumboAntwerp Zoo1996-03-17
24stillborn (twin) 9606 EMMcaptive-born1996-07-01dead1996-07-01Siam x DumboAntwerp Zoo1996-07-01
25Suki 201723? EMFcaptive-born2017-12-25PCChang x May TaguPlanckendael Zoo2017-12-25
26Tarzen 201806? (EEP nr N/A) EMMcaptive-born2018-04-11dead2018-06-26Chang x Khaing Phyo PhyoPlanckendael Zoo2018-04-11
27unknown EMFwilddead x Antwerp Zoo1879-00-00
28unknown EMFwilddead x Antwerp Zoo1879-00-00
29Victoria EMFwilddead x Antwerp Zoo1902-00-00
30Willibadi LAFwilddead1953 x Antwerp Zoo1952-07-30
31Yu Yu Yin 7902 EMFunknown1979-02-15PC x Planckendael Zoo2012-06-18

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