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7 locations which may match your search Ben Wallace in the elephant database.

1Carl Hagenbecks Wild Animal CircuscircusHamburg
2Great Wallace BrotherscircusPeru
3Hagenbeck-Wallace CircuscircusPeru, Indiana
4John Robinson CircuscircusTerrace Park
5Norris and Rowe Circuscircus
6Wallace and Co CircuscircusPeru, Indiana
7William P Hall Animal FarmdealerLancaster

36 elephants with keyword Ben Wallace mentioned in the database

1Baby Jumbo EMFcaptive-borndead1913-04-00 x Mom (Moms)Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus1907-00-00
2Basil EMMwilddead x John Robinson Circus1906-00-00
3Bedelia EMFdead1913-04-00 x Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus1907-00-00
4Betty EMdead1935-09-12 x Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus1925-00-00
5Bolivar EMMwild1813dead1856? x John Robinson Circus1856-00-00
6Charlie (Big Charlie) 690EMMwilddead1901-01-26 x Great Wallace Brothers1900-00-00
7Columbia (Victoria) EMFwilddead1933 x William P Hall Animal Farm1932-00-00
8Diamond EMMwilddead1898-03-00 x Great Wallace Brothers1895-00-00
9Don EMMwilddead1923-09-23 x William P Hall Animal Farm1923-00-00
10Ella EMFwilddead1901-06-28 x Great Wallace Brothers1899-07-04
11Fargo EMFwilddead1910-02-08 x Norris and Rowe Circus
12Gyp (Gypsy, Empress?) EMFwilddead1915 x Great J. E. Henry Show1907-00-00
13Hazel EMFdead1904 x Great Wallace Brothers1901-00-00
14Josky EMMwilddead1913-04-00 x Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus1907-00-00
15Jumb (Jumbo II) LAFwilddead1913-04-00 x Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus1907-00-00
16Kongo LAFdead1913-04-00 x Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus1907-00-00
17Lizzie EMFwild1888dead1913-03-31 x John Robinson Circus
18Louis EMMwilddead1923 x William P Hall Animal Farm1923-00-00
19Mary EMFwilddead x William P Hall Animal Farm1913-00-00
20Mary EMFunknowndead1925-10-27 x John Robinson Circus1923-00-00
21Maude EMFwilddead1903-08-07 x Great Wallace Brothers
22Mom (Moms) EMFdead1923 x Rice Brothers Circus1923-00-00
23Monte EMMdead1911-05-01 x Kit Carson Show1911-00-00
24Nancy EMFwilddead1913-04-00 x Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus1907-00-00
25Pilate (Pilot) EMMwilddead1899-04-11 x Great Wallace Brothers1895-00-00
26Pinky EMFwilddead x Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus1962-00-00
27Pollock EMwilddead x William P Hall Animal Farm1909-07-00
28Prince EMMwilddead1898-07-03 x Great Wallace Brothers1895-00-00
29Ruth EMFdead x William P Hall Animal Farm1917-00-00
30Satan EMMdead1913-04-00 x Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus1907-00-00
31Tobe EMMwilddead1893-03-15 x Cook and Whitby Shows (Ben Wallace)1892-00-00
32Tony EMFwilddead x John Robinson Circus1911-00-00
33Topsy EMFwilddead x South America unspecified circus1933-00-00
34Trilby EMFwilddead1913-04-00 x Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus1907-00-00
35Woodah unknowndead x John Robinson Circus1878-00-00
36Zeffa EMFwilddead1913-04-00 x Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus1907-00-00

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