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7 locations which may match your search Berlin Zoo in the elephant database.

1Berlin ZoozooBerlin
2Firma Carl HagenbeckdealerHamburg
3Frankfurt ZoozooFrankfurt am Main
4Hamburg Zoo (Zoologischer Garten Hamburg)zooHamburg
5Leipzig ZoozooLeipzig
6Tierpark BerlinzooBerlin
7Warsaw Zoo (Ogrod Zoologiczny Warsaw)zooWarsaw

156 elephants with keyword Berlin Zoo mentioned in the database

1 Matadi LAFdead1950 x Frankfurt Zoo1950-00-00
2aborted 2018xx EMunknowncaptive-born2018-03-00dead2018-03-00Naing Thein x ThuraLeipzig Zoo2018-03-00
3Aida 3404 EMFwild1923dead1943-11-22 x Berlin Zoo1935-04-12
4Akito 00 EMMcaptive-born2022-09-25PCVoi Nam x PanthaLeipzig Zoo2022-09-25
5Albert EMMwilddead1896 x Frankfurt Zoo1893-00-00
6Alzefra 4505 EMFwild1923dead1958-07-20 x Frankfurt Zoo1945-09-20
7Anchali 201211 EMFcaptive-born2012-08-12FCVictor x Pang PhaBerlin Zoo2012-08-12
8Anton EMMwilddead x Hamburg Zoo (Zoologischer Garten Hamburg)
9Arua LAFwild1971dead x Berlin Zoo1974-05-30
10Astra 8507 EMFunknown1980-00-00PC x Leipzig Zoo2020-09-25
11Bambi EMFwild1952dead1977 x Tierpark Berlin1955-00-00
12Bao Ngoc 202208? EMFcaptive-born2022-12-20PCVoi Nam x ThuzaLeipzig Zoo2022-12-20
13Ben Long 201902 EMMcaptive-born2019-01-25dead2019-09-30Naing Thein x HoaLeipzig Zoo2019-01-25
14Benga EMFwild1910-1915dead1941-10-18 x Leipzig Zoo
15Benny-Boy (Benjamin Blumchen) EMMwild1969dead1996-08-28 x Berlin Zoo1986-12-04
16Bethsy EMFwilddead1893-11-00 x Frankfurt Zoo1863-07-00
17Birma EMFwild1930dead1980-07-24 x Leipzig Zoo1973-03-12
18Birma EMFwild1930dead1943-11-22 x Berlin Zoo1936-00-00
19Boy EMMwild1847dead1879-07-18 x Berlin Zoo1857-07-06
20Buba 9706 LAFwild1997PC x Warsaw Zoo (Ogrod Zoologiczny Warsaw)2004-08-08
21Carl LAMwild1921dead1935 x Berlin Zoo1924-00-00
22Carl (Bonyaba) LAFwild1965dead1976-08-00 x Berlin Zoo1967-00-00
23Carla 7703 EMFwild1973-00-00FC x Berlin Zoo1977-05-11
24Cilly EMFwild1915-1920dead1951-07-21 x Leipzig Zoo1942-04-19
25Con Voi Bon EMMwild1937dead1960-06-21 x Leipzig Zoo1959-10-07
26Dac Lac EMFwild1981dead1987-06-27 x Leipzig Zoo1987-06-17
27Dashi (Dagi) 6802 LAFwild1968dead2016-09-18 x Tierpark Berlin1969-12-17
28Dima LCFwild1953-00-00dead1979-00-00 x Frankfurt Zoo1954-00-00
29Ditta EMFwild1921dead1979-04-16 x Leipzig Zoo1966-09-01
30Dixie 4702 EMMwild1947dead1953-06-01 x Frankfurt Zoo1952-08-21
31Dombo EMFwild1951dead1990-04-00 x Tierpark Berlin1955-00-00
32Drumbo (Mary) 7207 EMFwild1970-00-00FC x Berlin Zoo1987-09-25
33Edgar 201601 EMMcaptive-born2016-01-01FCAnkhor x KewaLeipzig Zoo2020-09-24
34Editha 0602 EMFcaptive-born1906-12-18dead1907-01-12Harry x Kalifa (Toni)Berlin Zoo1906-12-18
35Erna 8509 LAFwild1985dead2020-03-07 x Warsaw Zoo (Ogrod Zoologiczny Warsaw)2009-04-16
36Fryderyka LAFwild1997PC x Warsaw Zoo (Ogrod Zoologiczny Warsaw)2004-08-08
37Hannibal LAMwild1953dead1960 x Tierpark Berlin1955-00-00
38Harry 00 EMMwild1890dead1934-07-08 x Berlin Zoo1905-06-08
39Horas 200502 EMMcaptive-born2005-02-14FCAnkhor x NovaKiev Zoo2012-06-05
40Indra 3803 EMFcaptive-born1938-11-27dead1943-11-22Omar x Jenny IIBerlin Zoo1938-11-27
41Iyoti 7606 EMFwild1974-01-06dead2019-02-16 x Berlin Zoo1996-04-16
42Jacky EMMwild1899dead1937-04-22 x Leipzig Zoo1924-01-28
43Jambo LAFwilddead1960-04-10 x Berlin Zoo1958-00-00
44Jambo II LCFwild1955dead1982-05-18 x Berlin Zoo1960-09-22
45Jas 2602 EMMwild1926dead1939-09-02 x Warsaw Zoo (Ogrod Zoologiczny Warsaw)1929-05-00
46Jas (Jasio Partyzant, Bao-Phay) 1002 EMMwild1910dead1956-11-11 x Warsaw Zoo (Ogrod Zoologiczny Warsaw)1955-09-05
47Jenny LAFwild1865dead1882 x Berlin Zoo1868-00-00
48Jenny II 3606 EMFwild1911dead1943-11-22 x Firma Ruhe1939-00-00
49Jenny III EMFwild1920dead1965-11-10 x Berlin Zoo1959-00-00
50Kalifa (Toni) EMFwilddead1909-07-29 x Berlin Zoo1905-06-08
51Kalifa II 2801 EMFcaptive-born1928-09-20dead1939Harry x Toni II (Mary)Berlin Zoo1928-09-20
52Kasia (Kaska III) 4604 EMFwild1946dead1956-07-21 x Warsaw Zoo (Ogrod Zoologiczny Warsaw)1951-08-01
53Kaska II (Kasia, Katschi) 1802 EMFwild1918dead1939-09-00 x Warsaw Zoo (Ogrod Zoologiczny Warsaw)1928-06-00
54Kenia 6811 LAFwild1968dead1983-04-12 x Leipzig Zoo1970-10-01
55Kewa 8302 EMFcaptive-born1983-00-00PC x Leipzig Zoo2020-09-24
56Kiba 277EMMcaptive-born1987-12-31dead1998-08-30Thai (Thailand) x Methai (Me Thai)Berlin Zoo1997-11-20
57killed 20038 LAMcaptive-born2005-06-27dead2005-06-27Tembo x PoriTierpark Berlin2005-06-27
58Kiran 202001 EMMcaptive-born2020-01-11dead2021-06-18Voi Nam x RaniLeipzig Zoo2020-01-11
59Kiri EMMcaptive-born2000-04-05dead2000-12-28Kiba x Pang PhaBerlin Zoo2000-04-05
60Kiri EMFwild1930dead1960-05-24 x Leipzig Zoo1952-09-28
61Kithany (Kitty?) 2101 EMFwild1921dead1978-07-10 x Frankfurt Zoo1945-09-20
62Ko Raya 200904 EMFcaptive-born2009-03-15dead2011-05-27Victor x Pang PhaBerlin Zoo2009-03-15
63Korat EMFwild1932dead1938-07-00 x Berlin Zoo1935-00-00
64Kosko EMFwild1956dead1994 x Tierpark Berlin1958-00-00
65Kribi LCMwild1912dead1919 x Berlin Zoo1912-00-00
66Kutenga LAFwild1965dead x Berlin Zoo1967-00-00
67Lakshmi EMFwild1955dead1996 x Berlin Zoo1957-08-08
68Latschini 3515 EMFwild1935dead1940-08-15 x Frankfurt Zoo1938-05-12
69Leon (Yoni) 20002 LAMcaptive-born2001-02-04NCYossi x YokiWarsaw Zoo (Ogrod Zoologiczny Warsaw)2003-07-10
70Lindi LAFwild1920dead1943-11-22 x Berlin Zoo1935-00-00
71Mädi 4703 EMFwild1947dead1981-01-27 x Frankfurt Zoo1961-09-14
72Mampe LCMwild1917dead1933-11-11 x Berlin Zoo1926-00-00
73Mampe (Rada) EMFwild1951dead1985 x Berlin Zoo1957-08-08
74Mary LAFwild1875dead1924-02-02 x Berlin Zoo1888-09-17
75Mary EMFwild1905dead1961-09-12 x Leipzig Zoo1956-03-08
76Merula LAFwilddead1973-05-20 x Berlin Zoo1969-00-00
77miscarriage 2016xx? EMcaptive-born2016-01-28dead2016-01-28Gajendra x ThuraLeipzig Zoo2016-01-28
78Mondula LAFwild1952dead1974-09-24 x Berlin Zoo1955-00-00
79Mopani LAM1972dead x Berlin Zoo1973-09-00
80Murikati LAFwild1965dead1973-07-14 x Berlin Zoo1967-00-00
81Nauke EMMdead1916 x Leipzig Zoo2022-12-20
82Nelly EMFwild1890dead1917-11-00 x Leipzig Zoo1895-00-00
83Nelly II (Baby) EMFunknown1925-03-00dead1941-10-04 x BengaLeipzig Zoo
84Nera 6306 EMFwild1961dead1998-07-09 x Warsaw Zoo (Ogrod Zoologiczny Warsaw)1963-04-27
85noname 201203 EMMcaptive-born2012-04-09dead2012-04-09Naing Thein x HoaLeipzig Zoo2012-04-09
86Omar 1904 EMMwild1919dead1957-01-07 x Leipzig Zoo1938-04-12
87Omar 761 EMMwilddead1903 x Berlin Zoo1881-04-17
88Orje 3601 EMMcaptive-born1936-04-08dead1938-09-12Omar x AidaBerlin Zoo1936-04-08
89Pang Pha 8710 EMF1987-03-01FC x Berlin Zoo1987-09-30
90Pantha 201209 EMFcaptive-born2012-06-01FCAnkhor x KewaLeipzig Zoo2020-09-24
91Radjah EMMwild1951dead1962 x Tierpark Berlin1961-00-00
92Rani 200909 EMFcaptive-born2009-07-03PCHussein x ThuraLeipzig Zoo2014-09-02
93Rannie EMFwilddead x Berlin Zoo1932-05-24
94Rayah 5704 EMMwild1949-03-01dead1998-10-09 x Warsaw Zoo (Ogrod Zoologiczny Warsaw)1957-07-23
95Rhani 5606 EMFwild1954-01-00dead2008-06-13 x Leipzig Zoo1956-09-01
96Robert EMFwilddead1867 x Berlin Zoo1862-00-00
97Rostom (Rustum) 762 EMMwilddead1892 x Berlin Zoo1881-04-17
98Russelchen 201502 EMFcaptive-born2015-03-25dead2015-03-31Naing Thein x HoaLeipzig Zoo2015-03-25
99Saba (Sabah) 8504 LAFwild1985-00-00dead2010-10-13 x Tierpark Berlin1987-09-10
100Safari LAFwild1952dead1979-09-01 x Leipzig Zoo1960-04-02
101Salim (Salem) LAMwild1952dead1975 x Berlin Zoo1955-00-00
102Sally EMFwild1859dead1890-09-22 x Leipzig Zoo1881-00-00
103Savani 202305? EMFcaptive-born2023-07-29FCVoi Nam x RaniLeipzig Zoo2023-07-29
104Shaina Pali 200509 EMFcaptive-born2005-06-15dead2011-04-05Victor x Pang PhaBerlin Zoo2005-06-15
105Shanti EMFwild1947dead1975-06-29 x Berlin Zoo1950-00-00
106Siam EMMwild1921dead1947 x Berlin Zoo1933-00-00
107Simla 4506 EMFwild1923dead1961-07-07 x Frankfurt Zoo1945-09-20
108Sinta (Cinta) 200503 EMFcaptive-born2005-04-03FCAnkhor x Cynthia (Chyntia)Rostov Zoo2009-09-05
109Sonja 5803 EMFwild1945dead1999-07-31 x Warsaw Zoo (Ogrod Zoologiczny Warsaw)1958-09-03
110stillborn 9812 EMMcaptive-born1998-01-17dead1998-01-17Ankhor x KewaTierpark Berlin1998-01-17
111stillborn EMFcaptive-born1998-07-31dead1998-07-31Ankhor x LouiseTierpark Berlin1998-07-31
112stillborn EMFcaptive-born2009-08-26dead2009-08-26Ankhor x NovaTierpark Berlin2009-08-26
113Sudan LAMwild1952dead1980-11-20 x Leipzig Zoo1960-04-02
114Taku EMFwild1932dead1938 x Berlin Zoo1934-00-00
115Taku II EMFunknowndead1943-11-22 x Berlin Zoo1938-00-00
116Tanja 6711 EMFwild1964-00-00dead2018-10-16 x Berlin Zoo1974-01-08
117Thura 8706 EMFwild1974-00-00dead2019-11-26 x Leipzig Zoo2014-09-02
118Thuza 200811 EMFcaptive-born2008-12-13PCAnkhor x KewaLeipzig Zoo2020-09-25
119Tilly EMFwild1898dead1938-02-11 x Leipzig Zoo
120Timbo 508LAMwild1956dead2005-07-16 x Shambala Preserve1972-00-00
121Toni II (Mary) EMFwild1903dead1934 x Berlin Zoo1925-00-00
122Toni III EMFwild1905dead1943-11-22 x Berlin Zoo1932-05-24
123Tuzinka 3702 EMFcaptive-born1937-04-16dead1944Jas x Kaska II (Kasia, Katschi)Berlin Zoo
124Uganda 6810 LAFwild1968dead1984-03-27 x Leipzig Zoo1970-10-01
125Umtali LAFwild1985dead1995-01-26 x Tierpark Berlin1987-09-10
126unknown LAwilddead x Berlin Zoo1879-00-00
127unknown LAwilddead x Berlin Zoo1879-00-00
128unknown EMFwilddead1892 x Berlin Zoo1888-00-00
129unknown EMFwilddead1898 x Berlin Zoo1895-00-00
130unknown LCMwilddead1917-06-23 x Berlin Zoo1914-07-28
131unknown LCMwilddead1907-05-11 x Berlin Zoo1899-00-00
132unknown EMMwilddead1898 x Berlin Zoo1895-00-00
133unknown EMFwilddead x Leipzig Zoo
134unknown EMFwilddead x Leipzig Zoo
135unknown EMwilddead x Firma Carl Hagenbeck
136unknown EMwilddead x Firma Carl Hagenbeck1889-00-00
137unknown EMwilddead x Firma Carl Hagenbeck1889-00-00
138unknown EMwilddead x Firma Carl Hagenbeck1889-00-00
139unknown EMwilddead x Firma Carl Hagenbeck1889-00-00
140unknown EMwilddead x Firma Carl Hagenbeck1889-00-00
141unknown EMwilddead x Firma Carl Hagenbeck1889-00-00
142unknown EMwilddead x Firma Carl Hagenbeck1889-00-00
143unknown EMwilddead x Firma Carl Hagenbeck1889-00-00
144unknown EMwilddead x Firma Carl Hagenbeck1889-00-00
145unknown EMwilddead x Firma Carl Hagenbeck1889-00-00
146unknown LAwilddead x Firma Carl Hagenbeck1868-00-00
147unknown LAwilddead x Firma Carl Hagenbeck1868-00-00
148unknown LAwilddead x Firma Carl Hagenbeck1868-00-00
149Veneda 0202 EMFwilddead1942-10-15 x Frankfurt Zoo1922-05-16
150Victor 9306 EMMcaptive-born1993-10-23PCMotek x WardaBerlin Zoo2000-09-22
151Voi Nam 200203 EMMcaptive-born2002-04-05PCMekong x TrinhLeipzig Zoo2015-05-12
152Wastl 3202 EMMcaptive-born1932-05-08dead1943-11-22Boy x CoraBerlin Zoo1939-03-21
153Yala LAFwild1964dead1973-06-20 x Berlin Zoo1966-00-00
154Yuma (Yoma) 200508 EMMcaptive-born2005-05-08FCAnkhor x KewaRostov Zoo2009-09-05
155Zaya 202303? EMFcaptive-born2023-04-29PC x KewaLeipzig Zoo2023-04-29
156Zula 9705 LAFwild1997dead2007-01-28 x Warsaw Zoo (Ogrod Zoologiczny Warsaw)2004-08-08

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