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1Bronx ZoozooBronx, New York
2Diano Brothers CircuscircusCanton
3Fort Worth ZoozooFort Worth, Texas
4Lion Country Safari, Inc - Laguna HillszooIrvine

63 elephants with keyword Bronx Zoo mentioned in the database

1Alice (Al, Luna) 391EMFwild1893dead1943-08-27 x Bronx Zoo1908-09-03
2Angel 302EMFcaptive-born1988-12-30FCVance (Matt) x SallyFort Worth Zoo1999-12-15
3Astor 207EMMcaptive-born1981-08-20dead1983-01-26Groucho x PattiBronx Zoo1981-08-20
4Babe (Assam) 80EMFwild1967dead2008-01-24 x Fort Worth Zoo1991-02-02
5Bamangwa (Minnie) 312LAFwild1936dead1950-08-01 x Bronx Zoo1946-10-08
6Belle (Bluebelle) 750EMFcaptive-born2013-07-07FCGroucho x RashaFort Worth Zoo2013-07-07
7Bluebonnet 515EMFcaptive-born1998-12-16FCGroucho x RashaFort Worth Zoo1998-12-16
8Bowie 758EMMcaptive-born2013-08-05unknownSamson x BluebonnetFort Worth Zoo2013-08-05
9Brazos 00EMMcaptive-born2021-10-21unknownRomeo x BluebonnetFort Worth Zoo2021-10-21
10Burma 392EMFwilddead1942-08-22 x Bronx Zoo1940-08-15
11Casey 503EMMwild1971PC x Fort Worth Zoo2005-11-14
12Colonel Tusk (Boy) 327EMMcaptive-born1991-04-04PCBuke x WhimpyFort Worth Zoo2013-00-00
13Congo 302LCMwild1900dead1915-11-03 x Bronx Zoo1905-06-28
14Cutie 397EMFwild1935dead1976-09-21 x Bronx Zoo1940-10-08
15Cutie Pie (Shanti) 590EMFwild1963-08dead1972-09-05 x Fort Worth Zoo1964-04-04
16Delhi EMFwilddead x Diano Brothers Circus1952-00-00
17Dolly 396EMFwild1935dead1976-09-21 x Bronx Zoo1940-10-08
18Doruma (Pinky) 313LCFwild1938dead1970-03-01 x Bronx Zoo1946-10-08
19Grumpy 168EMFwild1971dead2002-10-03 x Bronx Zoo1977-03-21
20Gunda 399EMMwild1897dead1915-06-21 x Bronx Zoo1904-07-02
21Happy 208EMFwild1971FC x Bronx Zoo1977-03-21
22Janice (Jaz, Bashful) 151EMFwild1972FC x B and C Ranch (Bret Carden)2006-00-00
23Khartoum 304LAMwild1903dead1931-10-23 x Bronx Zoo1907-06-25
24Laverne (Vashi 1) 390EMFwild1970dead1982-05-16 x Bronx Zoo1973-10-01
25Lilly 400EMFwild1952dead1988-08-31 x Bronx Zoo1986-12-29
26Maxine 204EMFwild1973dead2018-11-20 x Bronx Zoo1973-10-01
27Maya (Sammi, Sami, Samuel R II) 332EMFcaptive-born1992-04-17dead2006-01--31Vance (Matt) x SallyBronx Zoo1993-07-09
28Nackatala (Mackatella?) LAFwilddead x Diano Brothers Circus1951-00-00
29Nita 398EMFwild1924dead1928-01-04 x Bronx Zoo1927-11-04
30noname LAMcaptive-born1982dead1982Congo x CitaLion Country Safari, Inc - Laguna Hills1982-00-00
31noname (wild) LAMwilddead1983 x Kenya unspecified location
32Patti 205EMFwild1970FC x Bronx Zoo1973-10-01
33Penny 574EMFwild1939dead1961-08-12 x Fort Worth Zoo
34Queen Tut 568EMFwild1920dead1964-12-14 x Fort Worth Zoo1923-00-00
35Rasha 179EMFwild1971FC x Fort Worth Zoo1995-01-17
36Romeo 343EMMcaptive-born1993-01-10PCPetely (Pete) x AlanaFort Worth Zoo2015-06-00
37Runga 395EMMwild1927dead1940-11-07 x Bronx Zoo1930-06-19
38Sam (Sammy) 134EMMwild1967dead1989-11-10 x Fort Worth Zoo1986-03-20
39Samama 512LAFwild1969dead x Lion Country Safari, Inc - Laguna Hills1970-06-00
40Sheba 48LAFwild1964dead1984-11-02 x Fort Worth Zoo1965-09-30
41Siam EMFwilddead x Diano Brothers Circus1952-00-00
42Sleepy 730EMFwilddead1972 x Lion Country Safari, Inc - Laguna Hills1972-00-00
43Sneezy 160EMMwild1973PC x Tulsa Zoo1977-07-29
44stillborn 702EMunknowncaptive-born2008-01-22dead2008-01-22Casey x Babe (Assam)Fort Worth Zoo2008-01-22
45stillborn 541EMFcaptive-born2002-03-14dead2002-03-14Groucho x Babe (Assam)Fort Worth Zoo2002-03-14
46stillborn 385LAMcaptive-born1980dead1980Congo x CitaLion Country Safari, Inc - Laguna Hills1980-00-00
47stillborn (twin) 383EMMcaptive-born1996-06-23dead1996-06-23Groucho x Babe (Assam)Fort Worth Zoo1996-06-23
48stillborn (twin) 384EMMcaptive-born1996-06-23dead1996-06-23Groucho x Babe (Assam)Fort Worth Zoo1996-06-23
49Sudana 307LAFwild1927dead1962-08-11 x Bronx Zoo1931-11-09
50Sugar (Penny, Katie?) 563EMFwild1915dead1940-07-12 x Fort Worth Zoo1934-00-00
51Sultana 305LAFwild1905dead1919-12-27 x Bronx Zoo1907-06-25
52Tano 511LAFwild1969dead x Lion Country Safari, Inc - Laguna Hills1970-06-00
53Tiny LCFwild1920-04dead1933-03-02 x Bronx Zoo1922-12-06
54Tom Thumb T2300EMMwilddead x Bronx Zoo1887-00-00
55Tus (Tuss, Miss Debbie) 169EMFwild1953dead2002-05-16 x Bronx Zoo1976-09-27
56Uganda (Gandy) LAFwilddead x Diano Brothers Circus1951-00-00
57Ukali 510LAFwild1969dead x Lion Country Safari, Inc - Laguna Hills1970-06-00
58Unknown 393EMFwilddead x Unknown
59Unknown 394EMFwilddead x Unknown
60Unnamed 548EMFcaptive-born2003-09-19dead2003-09-21Groucho x RashaFort Worth Zoo2003-09-19
61Vance (Doc) 272EMMwild1971dead2008-02-00 x Bowmanville Zoo1988-09-21
62Young Tusko 620EMMwild1948dead1962-08-03 x Oklahoma City Zoo1961-00-00
63Zangelima (Barney) LCMwild1932dead1952-11-14 x Bronx Zoo1946-10-08

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