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1Buenos Aires ZoozooBuenos Aireshttp://www.zoobuenosaires.com.ar/
2Elephant Sanctuary Brazil (ESB)sanctuaryChapada dos Guimaraeshttps://globalelephants.org/overview/

15 elephants with keyword Buenos Aires Zoo mentioned in the database

1Bambi EMFwild1968unknown x Elephant Sanctuary Brazil (ESB)2020-09-26
2Dalia LAMdead1943-05-19 x Buenos Aires Zoo1927-00-00
3Guida EMFwilddead2019-06-26 x Elephant Sanctuary Brazil (ESB)2016-10-10
4Guillermina EMFcaptive-born1998-11-19FCTami x PochaElephant Sanctuary Brazil (ESB)2022-05-00
5Kuki (Cuqui) LAFwildunknown x Buenos Aires Zoo1993-00-00
6Lady EMFwildunknown x Elephant Sanctuary Brazil (ESB)2019-11-29
7Maia EMFunknownunknown x Elephant Sanctuary Brazil (ESB)2016-10-10
8Mara EMFwild1969unknown x Elephant Sanctuary Brazil (ESB)2020-05-09
9Nayan EMFwild1879dead x Buenos Aires Zoo
10Phua Victoria Portena EMFcaptive-born1905-02-23dead1908-08-05Siam (Sayan) x NayanBuenos Aires Zoo1905-02-23
11Pocha EMFunknown1973dead2022-10-04 x Elephant Sanctuary Brazil (ESB)2022-05-00
12Pupy (Pupi) LAFwildunknown x Buenos Aires Zoo1993-00-00
13Ramba EMFwilddead2019-12-26 x Elephant Sanctuary Brazil (ESB)2019-10-18
14Rana EMFwild1975unknown x Elephant Sanctuary Brazil (ESB)2018-12-21
15Siam (Sayan) EMMwild1859dead1909-03-28 x Buenos Aires Zoo

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