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1Camp JabulanicampHoedsprueit
2Clem Coetzeedealer

25 elephants with keyword Camp Jabulani mentioned in the database

1Bubi (Bubu) LAFwildFC x Camp Jabulani2002-00-00
2Dande LAFwildFC x Camp Jabulani2002-00-00
3Fenya LAFwilddead2021-03-11 x Camp Jabulani2021-02-17
4Fishan LAMwildFC x Camp Jabulani2002-00-00
5Jabulani LAMwild1997FC x Camp Jabulani1997-00-00
6Jim LAMwildFC x Camp Jabulani2002-00-00
7Joe LAMwildFC x Camp Jabulani2002-00-00
8Khanyisa (albino) LAFwild2019FC x Camp Jabulani2020-01-07
9Klaserie LAFcaptive-born2007-02-23FC x SetombeCamp Jabulani2007-02-23
10Kumbura LAFwild2007FC x Camp Jabulani2009-08-00
11Limpopo LAcaptive-born2006-08-19FC x TokweCamp Jabulani2006-08-19
12Lundi LAFwildFC x Camp Jabulani2002-00-00
13Mambo LAMcaptive-born2009-06-25FC x LundiCamp Jabulani2009-06-25
14Mnuyati LAFwildFC x Camp Jabulani2002-00-00
15Mopane LAMwild2017dead2019-12-00 x Camp Jabulani2017-12-00
16Mopane LAMwild2017dead2019-12-00 x Camp Jabulani2017-12-00
17Nfuli LAFwildFC x Camp Jabulani2002-00-00
18Pisa LAFcaptive-born2009-11-13FC x TokweCamp Jabulani2009-11-13
19Sebakwe LAMwild1985FC x Camp Jabulani2002-00-00
20Setombe LAFwildFC x Camp Jabulani2002-00-00
21Shawu LAMwildFC x Camp Jabulani2016-11-00
22Somapani (Semopane) LAFwildFC x Camp Jabulani2002-00-00
23Timisa LAFwildFC x Camp Jabulani2016-11-00
24Tokwe LAFwildFC x Camp Jabulani2002-00-00
25Zindoga LAMcaptive-born2007-09-25FC x Bubi (Bubu)Camp Jabulani2007-09-25

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