Carl Althoff

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1Circus Carl Althoffcircus
2Circus Carl Althoff (Frank-Weisheit)circus

14 elephants with keyword Carl Althoff mentioned in the database

1Artaida 8103 EMFwild1960?dead2021-12-29 x Sofia Zoo2004-11-16
2Dago LAMwild<1963dead1973 x Circus Carl Althoff1964-00-00
3Douglas LAMwilddead x Circus Carl Althoff1962-11-28
4Eutina EMFunknown1959dead1972 x Circus Carl Althoff1961-00-00
5Ghana LAMwild1962dead1973 x Circus Carl Althoff1964-00-00
6Padra EMFwild1959?dead2021-06-02? x Platschow Elefantenhof2010-03-00
7Rangun EMFwilddead1960 x Circus Carl Althoff
8Rani EMFunknown<1965dead x Circus Carl Althoff1970-00-00
9Sudan LAMwild1960dead<1965 x Circus Carl Althoff1962-11-28
10Suma (Rhani) 7308 EMFcaptive-born1973-06-28dead1975Moti (Mohti) x MapalayCircus Carl Althoff1974-12-20
11Timon EMMwild1962dead1973 x Circus Carl Althoff1964-00-00
12unknown LAMwild1960dead<1965 x Circus Carl Althoff1962-11-28
13unknown LAMwild1960dead<1965 x Circus Carl Althoff1962-01-30
14Vana EMFwildFC x Platschow Elefantenhof2016-06-00

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