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1Chester ZoozooChester
2Colchester ZoozooColchester
3Glasgow ZoozooGlasgow, Scotland
4Manchester Zoological GardenszooBroughton,
5Mary Chipperfield’s CircuscircusChilworth

24 elephants with keyword Chester Zoo mentioned in the database

1Barbar (Barbas) 3508 EMFwild1935-07-00dead1972-11-07 x Chester Zoo1961-08-22
2Birma (Bierma, Bolette) 8601 EMFwild1963dead1988-09-30 x Belfast Zoo (Bellevue Gardens)1988-03-24
3Caroline EMFwilddead x Colchester Zoo
4Freda EMFwilddead1954 x Glasgow Zoo1948-00-00
5Hari Hi Way 201213 EMMcaptive-born2012-11-25dead2015-10-27Upali x SundaraChester Zoo2012-11-25
6Hercules (Tempo) LAMwild1973dead1979? x Mary Chipperfield’s Circus1977-05-00
7Jamilah Hi Way 201101 EMFcaptive-born2011-01-22dead2013-06-03?Upali x Thi Ha WayChester Zoo2011-01-22
8Karha EMFcaptive-born1995-12-19dead1997-05-25Chang x Thi Ha WayChester Zoo
9Lene (Lena) 5002 EMFwild1950dead2001-04-22 x Belfast Zoo (Bellevue Gardens)1988-03-22
10Maxi 8110 EMMwild1969dead2020-02-10 x Zurich Zoo1981-09-15
11Maxi EMMwilddead x Circus Hoffman
12miscarriage EMMcaptive-born1974-10-26dead1974-10-26Nobby x ShebaChester Zoo1974-10-26
13Motty LAMcaptive-born1978-07-11dead1978-07-21 x Chester Zoo1978-07-11
14Nayan Hi Way 201007 EMMcaptive-born2010-07-18dead2013-07-29Upali x SithamiChester Zoo2010-07-18
15noname EMMunknownunknown x Unknown
16Opal 8312 LAFwild1982FC x Colchester Zoo1998-02-28
17Raman EMMcaptive-born2006-11-12dead2009-07-23Upali x Thi Ha WayChester Zoo2006-11-12
18Rosa 8311 LAFwild1983dead2007-11-06 x Colchester Zoo1998-02-28
19Sari EMF1953dead1967 x Glasgow Zoo1955-00-00
20Sheba 5601 EMFwild1956dead2011-02-09 x Chester Zoo1965-02-13
21Sundara 200403 EMFcaptive-born2004-03-07PCUpali x SithamiChester Zoo2004-03-07
22Tara 9809 EMFcaptive-born1998-08-06PCChang x TonziBlackpool Zoo2018-02-00
23Thi Ha Way 8201 EMFunknown1982dead2020-09-16 x Chester Zoo1991-10-02
24Womba LAFwild1965dead x Mary Chipperfield’s Circus1981-00-00

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