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1Circus Amarcircus
2Circus KludskycircusJirkov

30 elephants with keyword Circus Amar mentioned in the database

1August EMMcaptive-born1936-08-03dead1943Piccolo x Birma IICircus Amar1936-08-03
2Baby EMMwild1886dead1932 x Circus Kludsky1906-00-00
3Baby EMFunknowndead x Circus Amar1934-02-22
4Bambi LAFwild1985unknown x Circus Amar
5Birma II 1801 EMFwild1918dead1981-09-12 x Ruhr Zoo, Gelsenkirchen1949-00-00
6Bombay EMFunknowndead x Circus Amar1934-02-22
7Buby (Bubi) LAMwilddead1930 x Circus Kludsky1920-00-00
8Carla 4401 EMFcaptive-born1944-08-10dead1962-04-22Piccolo x Birma IIDresden Zoo1951-07-02
9Ceylon EMFunknowndead x Circus Amar1934-02-22
10Charly EMMwilddead x Circus Amar1934-02-22
11Diana EMFunknowndead x Circus Amar1934-02-22
12Gina 3901 EMFcaptive-born1939-11-22dead1967-05-11Piccolo x Birma IIAmsterdam Artis Zoo1939-12-15
13Java EMFunknowndead x Circus Amar1934-02-22
14Jumbo EMMwilddead1930 x Circus Kludsky
15killed EMFcaptive-born1932dead1932 x Circus Kludsky1932-00-00
16Kludsk EMMwilddead x Circus Kludsky
17Mary EMFwilddead x Circus Amar1934-02-22
18Mouly (Molly) EMFunknowndead x Circus Amar1934-02-22
19Mutti (Moti) EMFwilddead1915? x Circus Kludsky1905-00-00
20Nelly EMFwilddead1905 x Circus Kludsky1902-00-00
21Rosa LAFwild1983FC x Circus Amar
22stillborn EMFcaptive-born1938dead1938Piccolo x MaryCircus Amar1938-00-00
23unknown LAFwilddead x Circus Amar
24unknown EMFwilddead1915? x Circus Kludsky1907-00-00
25unknown EMFwilddead1915? x Circus Kludsky1907-00-00
26unknown EMFwilddead1915? x Circus Kludsky1907-00-00
27unknown EMMwilddead1923 x Circus Kludsky1923-00-00
28unknown EMwilddead1915? x Circus Kludsky
29unknown EMwilddead1915 x Circus Kludsky
30Venus EMFunknowndead x Circus Amar1934-02-22

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