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1Sacha Houckeanimal trainer2021-10-27 19:31:08
2Markus Schmidelephant keeper2021-11-09 04:59:18
3Josef Hackelephant trainer2021-11-09 08:06:13
4Wolfgang Raminelephant trainer2021-11-09 09:42:22
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9 locations which may match your search Circus Knie in the elephant database.

1Basel ZoozooBasel
2Circus BlumenfeldcircusMagdeburg
3Circus KniecircusRapperswil
4Circus RenzcircusBerlin
5Circus SarrasanicircusDresden
6Hannover ZoozooHannover
7Knies KinderzoozooRapperswil
8Paris Zoo VincenneszooParis
9Wendel Huberprivate

108 elephants with keyword Circus Knie mentioned in the database

1Adele EMFwilddead1932-01-13 x Circus Sarrasani
2Anton 851 EMMwild1884dead1895 x Hannover Zoo1887-07-00
3Anton II 951 EMFwilddead1912-01-01 x Hannover Zoo1897-00-00
4August 7601 EMFcaptive-born1976-03-13dead1976-08Siam x BillyParis Zoo Vincennes1976-03-13
5August 2901 EMMcaptive-born1929-10-06dead1934-01-03 x Roma IIParis Zoo Vincennes1932-04-01
6Baby EMFwilddead1932-01-00 x Circus Sarrasani
7Beira 7405 LAFwild1952dead1980-07-19 x Hannover Zoo1974-11-00
8Beira 5001 LAFwild1950dead1998-05-28 x Basel Zoo1952-11-04
9Billy 6804 EMFwild1965dead1992-08-31 x Paris Zoo Vincennes1968-02-28
10Bosco EMMwilddead1940 x Paris Zoo Vincennes1935-00-00
11Böse Rosa EMFwilddead x Circus Sarrasani
12Buba EMunknownwilddead x Circus Blumenfeld
13Burma EMFwild1945dead1982-08-21 x Hannover Zoo1962-04-17
14Calcutta II 3607 EMFwilddead1957-04-18 x Paris Zoo Vincennes1936-00-00
15Califa 200301 EMFcaptive-born2003-02-02FCCalvin (Chanda) x ManariHannover Zoo2003-02-02
16Ceylon EMFwilddead1963 x Circus Knie
17Ceylon II EMFwild1970FC x Knies Kinderzoo2016-00-00
18Claudia EMFwilddead x Circus Knie1944-00-00
19Claudy (Claudia) 6603 EMFwild1963-06-00dead2016-11-16 x Knies Kinderzoo2012-11-00
20Contess EMFunknowndead x Circus Knie1944-00-00
21Delhi 6805 EMFcaptive-born1968-03-19dead2021-01-15?Moti (Mohti) x SabuKnies Kinderzoo2016-00-00
22Dicky EMFwilddead x Circus Knie
23Frieda EMFdead x Circus Knie1944-00-00
24Giulia EMFwild1959dead1984 x Basel Zoo1961-00-00
25Heri 7602 LAFwild1976FC x Basel Zoo1988-08-24
26Herta EMFdead x Circus Knie1944-00-00
27Idunda LAFwild1951dead1988-01-16 x Basel Zoo1956-00-00
28Indra 7304 EMFcaptive-born1973-01-23FCMoti (Mohti) x BurmaHannover Zoo1973-01-23
29Iringa LAFwild1952dead1974-09-10 x Hannover Zoo1963-05-00
30Java 5302 EMFwild1951dead1996 x Circus Knie1953-00-00
31Jenny EMFwilddead1937 x Circus Sarrasani
32Jenny 201613 EMFcaptive-born2016-12-23FCNikolai x CalifaHannover Zoo2016-12-23
33Kalaya 201316 EMFcaptive-born2013-11-01FCPo Chin x SandryKnies Kinderzoo2016-00-00
34Katoto LAMwild1951dead1972 x Basel Zoo1956-00-00
35Kenny 6904 LAMwild1967dead1998-05-19 x Basel Zoo1984-08-02
36killed 6815 EMFcaptive-born1968-11-10dead1968-11-10Moti (Mohti) x MapalayHannover Zoo1968-11-10
37Kuala 8210 EMFcaptive-born1982-06-12dead2000-04-16Siam x BillyParis Zoo Vincennes1982-06-12
38Lohimi 8516 EMFcaptive-born1985-05-24dead1988-07-21Maxi x Claudy (Claudia)Circus Knie
39Lola 8704 EMFcaptive-born1987-03-28dead1987-04-21Siam x BillyParis Zoo Vincennes1987-03-28
40Lollo 6206 EMFwild1949dead1965-10-30 x Hannover Zoo1962-05-22
41Madura EMFcaptive-born1965-08-04dead1984-06-21Siam x JavaCircus Knie
42Mahari 7701 LAFwild1977dead1999-02-19 x Basel Zoo1988-08-24
43Malayka (Malajka) 7101 LAFwild1971dead2018-01-03 x Basel Zoo1984-11-30
44Manari 9012 EMFunknown1990FC x Hannover Zoo1998-08-26
45Manyara LAFwild1969dead1986-05-06 x Paris Zoo Vincennes1973-04-04
46Mapalay 8801 EMFwild1986FC x Knies Kinderzoo2016-00-00
47Marly 741 EMFwild1874dead1905 x Hannover Zoo1881-05-16
48Mary EMFwilddead x Circus Sarrasani
49Mary EMFunknowndead x Circus Knie1944-00-00
50Mary EMFdead1947-11-26 x Basel Zoo1928-07-17
51Maundy EMFunknowndead x Circus Knie1944-00-00
52Maya 9502 LAFwild1995FC x Basel Zoo1999-01-15
53Meena 201703 EMFcaptive-born2017-01-19unknownNikolai x ManariHannover Zoo2017-01-19
54Mekong 8405 EMMwild~1982PC x Knies Kinderzoo2020-05-20
55Miniak 5101 EMFwild1951dead2004-11-11 x Circus Knie1953-00-00
56miscarriage LAFcaptive-born1974-09-18dead1974-09-18Tembo x IringaHannover Zoo1974-09-18
57Miss Jenny EMFdead1928-03-05 x Basel Zoo1919-07-09
58Miss Kumbuk EMFwilddead1917-08-18 x Basel Zoo1886-04-30
59Monique 3406 EMFwild1931dead1965-03-17 x Paris Zoo Vincennes1934-01-19
60Moti (Mohti) 6203 751EMMwild1948dead1973-05-24 x Hannover Zoo1962-04-17
61Noirie EMFwild1934dead1965 x Paris Zoo Vincennes1937-00-00
62Novice 3706 EMFwilddead1965 x Paris Zoo Vincennes1937-00-00
63Omari LAMwild1951dead1965 x Basel Zoo1956-00-00
64Ota LAFcaptive-born1966-01-13dead1982-11-30Omari x IdundaBasel Zoo1972-00-00
65Patma EMFwild1961dead2015-07-09 x Knies Kinderzoo2006-00-00
66Pikkolo (Piccolo) EMMwilddead x Circus Sarrasani
67Prinzessa EMFwilddead1932-01-13 x Circus Sarrasani
68Rani 8401 EMFwild1982FC x Knies Kinderzoo2016-01-00
69Rani EMFdead x Circus Knie1944-00-00
70Roma II EMFwilddead1934-01-03 x Paris Zoo Vincennes1932-00-00
71Rosa EMFwilddead1974-08-22 x Circus Knie1928-00-00
72Rosy 9503 LAFwild1995FC x Basel Zoo1999-01-15
73Ruaha 5101 LAFwild1951dead2010-07-29 x Basel Zoo1956-11-01
74Sabu 8505 EMFwild1984FC x Knies Kinderzoo2016-00-00
75Sabu EMFwild1948dead1982-08-09 x Hannover Zoo1962-04-17
76Sahib Fridolin 6304 EMMcaptive-born1963-02-15dead1994-12-23Siam x CeylonCricket St Thomas Wildlife Park1991-03-02
77Sambo EMMwilddead1940 x Paris Zoo Vincennes1935-00-00
78Sandra 7106 EMFwild1958dead2004-09-16 x Givskud Zoo1971-04-15
79Sandry 9904 EMFcaptive-born1999-11-27FCHussein x Claudy (Claudia)Knies Kinderzoo2016-00-00
80Sandry EMFwild~1934dead1987-07-10 x Circus Knie1938-08-10
81Saram 4807 EMFwild1948dead1983-07-26 x Paris Zoo Vincennes1948-12-23
82Siam 6407 EMMwild1945dead1997-09-29 x Paris Zoo Vincennes1964-08-28
83Siporex 6610 EMMcaptive-born1966-06-21dead1999-11-23Frank x Lene (Lena)Hannover Zoo1973-10-03
84Siri 6316 EMFwild1963-06-00dead2015-06-24 x Knies Kinderzoo2015-00-00
85stillborn 7211 EMFcaptive-born1972-08-13dead1972-08-13Siam x SaramParis Zoo Vincennes1972-08-13
86stillborn 8512 EMFcaptive-born1985-02-18dead1985-02-18Siporex x JennyHannover Zoo1985-02-18
87stillborn 6406 EMMcaptive-born1964-06-07dead1964-06-07Moti (Mohti) x SabuHannover Zoo1964-06-07
88stillborn LAFcaptive-born1992-03-20dead1992-03-20Kenny x Malayka (Malajka)Basel Zoo1992-03-20
89stillborn? LAcaptive-born2004-10-04dead2004-10-04Calimero x HeriBasel Zoo2004-10-04
90Sumatra 6402 EMFwild1963dead2015-06-00 x Knies Kinderzoo
91Tangi LAFcaptive-born1968-06-04dead1968-06-18Tembo x IringaHannover Zoo1968-06-04
92Tarka EMFwild1911dead1949-12-00 x Circus Knie1944-00-00
93Tembo 5102 LAMwild1951dead1977-08-30 x Hannover Zoo1963-05-31
94Thisiam 9804 EMMcaptive-born1998-05-04PCSiam x Kaveri (Cauvery)Knies Kinderzoo2015-08-05
95Tibur 6803 EMMcaptive-born1968-02-18dead1968-04-07Moti (Mohti) x BurmaHannover Zoo1968-02-18
96Tusker 9202 LAMwild1992PC x Basel Zoo2021-04-07
97unknown LAFwild1870dead1873-12-00 x Hannover Zoo1872-00-00
98unknown LAFwilddead1875-03-00 x Hannover Zoo1874-00-00
99unknown LAFwilddead1891 x Hannover Zoo1874-00-00
100unknown 4501 EMFcaptive-born1945-09-24dead1945-10-01Piccolo x MoniqueParis Zoo Vincennes1945-09-24
101unknown 6318 EMFwilddead1964-02-11 x Paris Zoo Vincennes1963-12-12
102unknown EMFwilddead x Circus Renz
103unknown EMFwilddead1932-01-13 x Circus Sarrasani
104unknown EMFwilddead x Circus Blumenfeld
105unknown EMFwilddead x Circus Blumenfeld
106unknown EMFwilddead x Circus Blumenfeld
107unknown EMFunknowndead x Circus Knie
108Yumi 201404 EMFcaptive-born2014-03-17FCNikolai x CalifaHannover Zoo2014-03-17

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