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Circus Strassburger

11 persons which may match your search Circus Strassburger on this website.

NoNameTypeLast update
1Josef Hackelephant trainer2021-11-09 08:06:13
2Paula Buschdirector2021-11-10 13:04:43
3Constance Buschdirector2021-11-10 13:35:08
4Henning Orlandodirector2021-11-14 06:25:47
5Adolf Strassburgerdirector2021-11-15 12:04:41
6Lorenz Hagenbeckdirector2021-11-16 05:45:53
7Adolf Strassburgerdirector2021-12-31 12:20:38
8Leopold Strassburgerdirector2021-12-31 12:28:39
9Sophia Strassburgerdirector2022-01-01 06:11:30
10Harry Bellidirector2022-01-01 06:45:09
11Hans Brickanimal trainer2022-03-31 02:50:07

No page with the name Circus Strassburger in the database. !

8 locations which may match your search Circus Strassburger in the elephant database.

1Circus Amarcircushttp://cirqueamar.free.fr/
2Circus Bellicircushttp://www.circus-belly.de/
3Circus Busch (Paul Busch)circushttp://www.circus-paul-busch.de/
4Circus Carl Hagenbeck-StellingencircusHamburg
5Circus Mijares-SchreibercircusKarlskoga
6Circus OrlandocircusMalmö
7Circus Strassburgercircus
8Stukenbrock SafariparkzooStukenbrockhttp://www.safaripark-stukenbrock.de/

33 elephants with keyword Circus Strassburger mentioned in the database

1August EMMcaptive-born1936-08-03dead1943Piccolo x Birma IICircus Amar1936-08-03
2Baby EMFwild1965dead2013-04-22 x Stukenbrock Safaripark
3Baby LAFwild1983FC x Stukenbrock Safaripark2015-02-04
4Baby EMFunknowndead x Circus Amar1934-02-22
5Bambina EMFwild>1907dead1927 x Circus Strassburger
6Beauty LAFwild1971dead2014-04-24 x Stukenbrock Safaripark1973-00-00
7Benji (Benjamin, Baby) LAFwildunknown x Stukenbrock Safaripark2015-06-00
8Bombay EMFunknowndead x Circus Amar1934-02-22
9Ceylon EMFwilddead1951-04-01 x Circus Belli
10Ceylon EMFunknowndead x Circus Amar1934-02-22
11Charly EMMwilddead x Circus Amar1934-02-22
12Diana EMFunknowndead x Circus Amar1934-02-22
13Didi LAFwild1975FC x Stukenbrock Safaripark1980-00-00
14Gina 3901 EMFcaptive-born1939-11-22dead1967-05-11Piccolo x Birma IIAmsterdam Artis Zoo1939-12-15
15Java EMFunknowndead x Circus Amar1934-02-22
16Jenny LAFwild1975dead2005 x Stukenbrock Safaripark
17Jenny EMFwilddead x Circus Strassburger
18Kongo LAFwild1971dead1999 x Stukenbrock Safaripark
19Malaya 4201 EMFcaptive-born1942-03-20dead1951-04-01Piccolo x PunchaCircus Belli1945-01-01
20Mary EMFwilddead x Circus Amar1934-02-22
21Mouly (Molly) EMFunknowndead x Circus Amar1934-02-22
22Mousi LAFwild1983FC x Stukenbrock Safaripark2015-02-04
23Nauke EMMwild<1906dead1916 x Circus Carl Hagenbeck-Stellingen1916-03-00
24Rita LAFwild1971dead1999 x Stukenbrock Safaripark
25Roma I 1803 EMFwild1905-1910dead x Circus Carl Hagenbeck-Stellingen1932-09-00
26Siam EMFwilddead1951-04-01 x Circus Belli
27stillborn EMFcaptive-born1938dead1938Piccolo x MaryCircus Amar1938-00-00
28Stillborn EMunknowncaptive-borndead x Circus Carl Hagenbeck-Stellingen
29Thai LAMwild1981dead2013-02-05 x Stukenbrock Safaripark2005-06-03
30unknown LAFwilddead x Circus Amar
31unknown EMFwilddead x Circus Carl Hagenbeck-Stellingen1916-00-00
32unknown EMFwilddead x Circus Carl Hagenbeck-Stellingen1916-00-00
33Venus EMFunknowndead x Circus Amar1934-02-22

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