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1Olof Rhodindirector2021-11-04 10:07:05
2Heinz Geierdirector2021-11-10 14:39:20
3Gunther Gebelanimal trainer2021-11-13 10:53:25
4Harry Williamsanimal trainer2021-11-13 12:49:04
5Carolina Althoffdirector2021-11-13 12:58:00
6Jeanette Williamsanimal trainer2021-11-13 13:11:26
7Franz Althoffdirector2021-11-13 22:07:43
8Jeanette Althoffanimal trainer2022-03-17 01:45:24
9Hans Schröerringmaster2022-03-17 01:50:57
10Reinhold Kwasnikdirector2022-03-24 09:59:05

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1Circus Adolf Althoffcircus
2Circus Barlay (Olympia, Berolina)circusNeustadt an der Orla
3Circus BarumcircusEinbeck
4Circus Busch-Roland (Circus Busch)circusBerlin
5Circus Dominik AlthoffcircusFreialdenhoven
6Circus Tognicircus
7Circus WilliamscircusCologne
8Circus Williams (Carl Conley)circus
9Circus Williams-AlthoffcircusCologne
10George MunrodealerBremen

15 elephants with keyword Circus Williams mentioned in the database

1Alfeld 3805 EMMwilddead1938 x Circus Barlay (Olympia, Berolina)
2Ann Marie (Anna Marie) EMFwild1971dead1974-03 x King Brothers Circus1974-03-00
3Berolina EMFwilddead x Circus Barum
4Bhutan 3002 EMMwilddead1939-02-00 x Circus Barlay (Olympia, Berolina)1935-00-00
5Bosco EMMwilddead1953 x Circus Barlay (Olympia, Berolina)
6Comet EMFwilddead x Circus Togni
7Maya EMFwild1970dead1992-03-00 x Circus Barum1974-00-00
8Maya EMFwilddead1967-08-01 x Circus Barum1950-00-00
9Siam EMFwilddead1972 x Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus (Red Unit)1968-11-00
10Talia T2289EMFwilddead1973-10-00 x Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus (Red Unit)1968-11-00
11Tully EMFwilddead1967-08-02 x Circus Barum1950-00-00
12unknown EMunknowndead1989 x Circus Barum
13unknown EMFwilddead1989 x Circus Barum
14unknown EMunknowndead x Circus Barum
15unknown EMunknowndead1989 x Circus Barum

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