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1Beco 657EMMcaptive-born2009-03-27dead2022-06-18Coco (Sultan) x PhoebeColumbus Zoo and Aquarium2009-03-27
2Bomba 82EMFwild1970dead1999-04-19 x Columbus Zoo and Aquarium1977-09-10
3Boomer 207LAFwild1981dead1986-06-22 x Columbus Zoo and Aquarium1983-05-03
4Cincy 575EMFwild1938dead1973-04-03 x Columbus Zoo and Aquarium1941-02-10
5Coco (Sultan) 81EMMwild1971dead2011-02-16 x Columbus Zoo and Aquarium1974-09-12
6Connie 216EMFwild1973PC x Columbus Zoo and Aquarium1992-10-24
7Cosi (Bud) 116LCMwild1971dead1991-11-10 x Columbus Zoo and Aquarium1972-06-19
8Ellie 00EMFcaptive-born2018-12-06dead2018-12-26 x PhoebeColumbus Zoo and Aquarium2018-12-06
9Frankie 00EMMcaptive-born2021-06-17unknownHank x PhoebeColumbus Zoo and Aquarium2021-06-17
10Ganesh 508EMMcaptive-born1998-03-15dead2005-08-16Sabu (Sabu-hit) x Jati-HitColumbus Zoo and Aquarium2003-04-18
11Hank 276EMMcaptive-born1988-01-16PCVance (Matt) x Mala (Lalea)Columbus Zoo and Aquarium2011-12-08
12Phoebe 8707 353EMFcaptive-born1987-05-15FCMotek x WardaColumbus Zoo and Aquarium2002-01-29
13Rudy 539EMFcaptive-born2002-01-29FCCharlie x SallyColumbus Zoo and Aquarium2016-11-29
14stillborn 517EMMcaptive-born1999-02-15dead1999-02-15Coco (Sultan) x ConnieColumbus Zoo and Aquarium1999-02-15
15Sundara 655EMFcaptive-born2008-11-09FCCharlie x SallyColumbus Zoo and Aquarium2016-11-29
16Tanzy (Olentangy) 573EMFwild1937dead1974-10-07 x Columbus Zoo and Aquarium1939-07-06

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