Greg Bullen

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1Bullen's Circuscircus
2Pagels Circus (Greg Bullen Circus)circus

11 elephants with keyword Greg Bullen mentioned in the database

1Baby Betty EMFdead x Bullen's Circus1957-00-00
2Boonga EMFunknown1928?dead1954-07-12? x Bullen's Circus1953-07-01
3Bullens Alice EMFdead x Bullen's Circus
4Jennie EMFdead x Bullen's Circus1947-00-00
5Kassala EMFwild1945dead1960-12-21 x Bullen's Circus1957-12-30
6Mandy EMFdead x Bullen's Circus
7Mollie EMFunknown1944dead1957 x Bullen's Circus
8Sally EMFwild1935dead1960-04-17 x Bullen's Circus
9Topsy EMFwild1943dead1961-10-00 x Bullen's Circus
10unknown EMdead1961 x Bullen's Circus1961-00-00
11Zara EMFdead x Bullen's Circus1947-00-00

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