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1Halle ZoozooHallehttp://www.zoo-halle.de/
2Tierpark BerlinzooBerlinhttp://www.tierpark-berlin.de

30 elephants with keyword Halle Zoo mentioned in the database

1 Matadi LAFdead1950 x Frankfurt Zoo1950-00-00
2Abu 20004 LAMcaptive-born2001-04-25PCTembo x SabiVienna Zoo2023-05-25
3Ahorisha 201500 LAFcaptive-born2015-09-22dead2015-09-22Abu x BibiHalle Zoo2015-09-22
4Bambi EMFwild1952dead1977 x Tierpark Berlin1955-00-00
5Bupari EMFwilddead1908-12-08 x Halle Zoo1902-04-24
6Bupari II EMFwild1905dead1917 x Halle Zoo1909-00-00
7Bupari III EMFdead1993-10-05 x Halle Zoo1962-02-23
8Cynthia (Chyntia) 9509 EMFcaptive-born1995-01-12FCTaru x MawarMadrid Zoo (Casa de Campo)2015-09-29
9Dashi (Dagi) 6802 LAFwild1968dead2016-09-18 x Tierpark Berlin1969-12-17
10Dombo EMFwild1951dead1990-04-00 x Tierpark Berlin1955-00-00
11Elani 201903 LAFcaptive-born2019-09-20PCAbu x TanaHalle Zoo2019-09-20
12Frieda EMFwilddead1968-07-08 x Halle Zoo1951-12-01
13Hannibal LAMwild1953dead1960 x Tierpark Berlin1955-00-00
14killed 20038 LAMcaptive-born2005-06-27dead2005-06-27Tembo x PoriTierpark Berlin2005-06-27
15Kosko EMFwild1956dead1994 x Tierpark Berlin1958-00-00
16Mafuta 8103 LAFwild1981-00-00dead2015-11-11 x Halle Zoo2006-12-08
17Mary 3516 EMFwilddead1945-03-00 x Halle Zoo1943-11-27
18Nova 9311 EMFcaptive-born1993-11-26FC x Madrid Zoo (Casa de Campo)2015-09-29
19Pori 8102 LAFwild1981PC x Halle Zoo2020-08-20
20Radjah EMMwild1951dead1962 x Tierpark Berlin1961-00-00
21Rani II EMFdead1966 x Halle Zoo1962-02-23
22Saba (Sabah) 8504 LAFwild1985-00-00dead2010-10-13 x Tierpark Berlin1987-09-10
23Simon 202401 LAMcaptive-born2024-02-04PCAbu x TanaHalle Zoo2024-02-04
24stillborn 9812 EMMcaptive-born1998-01-17dead1998-01-17Ankhor x KewaTierpark Berlin1998-01-17
25stillborn EMFcaptive-born1998-07-31dead1998-07-31Ankhor x LouiseTierpark Berlin1998-07-31
26stillborn EMFcaptive-born2009-08-26dead2009-08-26Ankhor x NovaTierpark Berlin2009-08-26
27Tamika 201604 LAFcaptive-born2016-06-27PCAbu x TanaHalle Zoo2016-06-27
28Tana 20006 LAFcaptive-born2001-05-04FCTembo x PoriHalle Zoo2008-07-17
29Tatu Chinara LAFcaptive-born2013-09-19deadAbu x BibiHalle Zoo2013-09-19
30Umtali LAFwild1985dead1995-01-26 x Tierpark Berlin1987-09-10

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