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1Alex and Christian Gärtnercircus
2Budapest ZoozooBudapest 5
3Circus Carl Althoffcircus
4Friedrich Gärtnercircus
5Josef Gärtnercircus
6Joy Gärtnercircus

59 elephants with keyword Josef Gärtner mentioned in the database

1Ali LAMwilddead1882? x Budapest Zoo1875-07-00
2Angèle 200105 EMFcaptive-born2001-11-05PCChinto x MaliciaBudapest Zoo2010-09-29
3Arun EMMwild1976dead1997-08-00 x Budapest Zoo1979-12-29
4Arun 201722? EMMcaptive-born2017-11-08unknownAssam x AngèleBudapest Zoo2017-11-08
5Asha 201303 EMFcaptive-born2013-02-14dead2018-11-24Assam x AngèleBudapest Zoo2013-02-14
6Assam 20004 EMMcaptive-born2000-10-07PCChang x Thi Ha WayBudapest Zoo2009-10-27
7Baby EMFcaptive-born1981-07-00FCBosco x BengaAlex and Christian Gärtner2013-11-00
8Baby 0003 EMFwild1897dead1916-02-01 x Budapest Zoo1911-12-01
9Baby EMFwilddead2019? x Joy Gärtner
10Belinda EMFwild<1966FC x Joy Gärtner2005-11-26
11Bimbo EMMwild1969dead x Josef Gärtner1980-00-00
12Csambi I 4101 EMFcaptive-born1941-09-16dead1944-03-25Szultan x MalahBudapest Zoo1941-09-16
13Csambi II 4902 EMFwild1945dead1963-08-23 x Budapest Zoo1949-01-01
14Dago LAMwild<1963dead1973 x Circus Carl Althoff1964-00-00
15Diana EMFwild1967dead2018-04-02 x Joy Gärtner2005-11-26
16Douglas LAMwilddead x Josef Gärtner
17Douglas LAMwilddead x Circus Carl Althoff1962-11-28
18Dum-Dum EMFwilddead x Josef Gärtner
19Eutina EMFunknown1959dead1972 x Circus Carl Althoff1961-00-00
20Ghana LAMwild1962dead1973 x Circus Carl Althoff1964-00-00
21Guba (Kuba) 1204 EMFunknown1893-00-00dead1916-07-01 x Budapest Zoo1912-08-01
22Hannibal EMMwilddead1985-12-24 x Josef Gärtner
23India EMFunknown1959dead1997? x Josef Gärtner1997-00-00
24Indra EMFwilddead2020 x Alex and Christian Gärtner2016-01-09
25Indra (India) EMFwild1959dead2007 x Joy Gärtner
26Jenny 2701 EMFwild1911dead1936-09-01 x Budapest Zoo1927-05-01
27Jumani (Diamond) EMFdead x Josef Gärtner
28Kati 0002 EMFwild1895-00-00dead1911-05-01 x Budapest Zoo1911-01-01
29Kenya LAFwild1980dead2009 x Alex and Christian Gärtner
30Khali EMFwild1976dead1995 x Budapest Zoo1979-12-29
31killed 3001 EMFcaptive-born1930-01-12dead1930-01-12Szultan x JennyBudapest Zoo1930-01-12
32killed 3203 EMMcaptive-born1932-12-27dead1932-12-27Szultan x JennyBudapest Zoo1932-12-27
33Laksme (Lacke, Lax) EMFwild1970dead2018-00-00 x Alex and Christian Gärtner
34Malah 3802 EMFwild1925dead1952-03-28 x Budapest Zoo1938-08-06
35Mara EMFwild1973unknown x Alex and Christian Gärtner
36Nelly 1202 EMFwild1909dead1922-10-01 x Budapest Zoo1913-00-00
37Pira EMFwild<1966FC x Joy Gärtner2005-11-26
38Rangun EMFwilddead1960 x Circus Carl Althoff
39Rani EMFunknown<1965dead x Circus Carl Althoff1970-00-00
40Sabbah EMFwild1970dead2017-09-00 x Joy Gärtner2017-02-11
41Sabu (Sabi) EMFwilddead x Josef Gärtner1979-00-00
42Shamu 202104? EMMcaptive-born2021-04-24unknownAssam x AngèleBudapest Zoo2021-04-28
43Sonja EMFwild1949dead1981-04-25 x Budapest Zoo1965-07-19
44Sudan LAMwild1960dead<1965 x Circus Carl Althoff1962-11-28
45Sultan II 4901 EMMwild1945-00-00dead1979-03-27 x Budapest Zoo1949-01-01
46Suma (Rhani) 7308 EMFcaptive-born1973-06-28dead1975Moti (Mohti) x MapalayCircus Carl Althoff1974-12-20
47Sziam 0001 EMMwild1890?dead1944-09-14 x Budapest Zoo1900-01-30
48Szultan 1201 EMMwild1909dead1944-06-11 x Budapest Zoo1912-03-01
49Taku (Tagho) EMFwilddead x Friedrich Gärtner
50Teach EMFunknown1971dead2019? x Alex and Christian Gärtner
51Thai EMFwild1966FC x Joy Gärtner1997-00-00
52Timon EMMwild1962dead1973 x Circus Carl Althoff1964-00-00
53Tizi (Dutje) EMFwild1970dead x Joy Gärtner1992-00-00
54Toni (Tonny) EMFwilddead x Josef Gärtner
55unknown 931 EMFwilddead1903-06-00 x Budapest Zoo1893-06-00
56unknown LAMwild1960dead<1965 x Circus Carl Althoff1962-11-28
57unknown LAMwild1960dead<1965 x Circus Carl Althoff1962-01-30
58Yogi EMFunknown1959dead2002 x Joy Gärtner
59Zitta 8605 EMFwild1969dead2011-04-07 x Budapest Zoo1996-10-21

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