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1Berlin ZoozooBerlinhttp://www.zoo-berlin.de/

61 elephants with keyword Katharina Heinroth mentioned in the database

1Aida 3404 EMFwild1923dead1943-11-22 x Berlin Zoo1935-04-12
2Anchali 201211 EMFcaptive-born2012-08-12FCVictor x Pang PhaBerlin Zoo2012-08-12
3Arua LAFwild1971dead x Berlin Zoo1974-05-30
4Benny-Boy (Benjamin Blumchen) EMMwild1969dead1996-08-28 x Berlin Zoo1986-12-04
5Birma EMFwild1930dead1943-11-22 x Berlin Zoo1936-00-00
6Boy EMMwild1847dead1879-07-18 x Berlin Zoo1857-07-06
7Carl LAMwild1921dead1935 x Berlin Zoo1924-00-00
8Carl (Bonyaba) LAFwild1965dead1976-08-00 x Berlin Zoo1967-00-00
9Carla 7703 EMFwild1973-00-00FC x Berlin Zoo1977-05-11
10Drumbo (Mary) 7207 EMFwild1970-00-00FC x Berlin Zoo1987-09-25
11Editha 0602 EMFcaptive-born1906-12-18dead1907-01-12Harry x Kalifa (Toni)Berlin Zoo1906-12-18
12Harry 00 EMMwild1890dead1934-07-08 x Berlin Zoo1905-06-08
13Indra 3803 EMFcaptive-born1938-11-27dead1943-11-22Omar x Jenny IIBerlin Zoo1938-11-27
14Iyoti 7606 EMFwild1974-01-06dead2019-02-16 x Berlin Zoo1996-04-16
15Jambo LAFwilddead1960-04-10 x Berlin Zoo1958-00-00
16Jambo II LCFwild1955dead1982-05-18 x Berlin Zoo1960-09-22
17Jenny LAFwild1865dead1882 x Berlin Zoo1868-00-00
18Jenny III EMFwild1920dead1965-11-10 x Berlin Zoo1959-00-00
19Kalifa (Toni) EMFwilddead1909-07-29 x Berlin Zoo1905-06-08
20Kalifa II 2801 EMFcaptive-born1928-09-20dead1939Harry x Toni II (Mary)Berlin Zoo1928-09-20
21Kiba 277EMMcaptive-born1987-12-31dead1998-08-30Thai (Thailand) x Methai (Me Thai)Berlin Zoo1997-11-20
22Kiri EMMcaptive-born2000-04-05dead2000-12-28Kiba x Pang PhaBerlin Zoo2000-04-05
23Ko Raya 200904 EMFcaptive-born2009-03-15dead2011-05-27Victor x Pang PhaBerlin Zoo2009-03-15
24Korat EMFwild1932dead1938-07-00 x Berlin Zoo1935-00-00
25Kribi LCMwild1912dead1919 x Berlin Zoo1912-00-00
26Kutenga LAFwild1965dead x Berlin Zoo1967-00-00
27Lakshmi EMFwild1955dead1996 x Berlin Zoo1957-08-08
28Lindi LAFwild1920dead1943-11-22 x Berlin Zoo1935-00-00
29Mampe LCMwild1917dead1933-11-11 x Berlin Zoo1926-00-00
30Mampe (Rada) EMFwild1951dead1985 x Berlin Zoo1957-08-08
31Mary LAFwild1875dead1924-02-02 x Berlin Zoo1888-09-17
32Merula LAFwilddead1973-05-20 x Berlin Zoo1969-00-00
33Mondula LAFwild1952dead1974-09-24 x Berlin Zoo1955-00-00
34Mopani LAM1972dead x Berlin Zoo1973-09-00
35Murikati LAFwild1965dead1973-07-14 x Berlin Zoo1967-00-00
36Omar 761 EMMwilddead1903 x Berlin Zoo1881-04-17
37Orje 3601 EMMcaptive-born1936-04-08dead1938-08-00Omar x AidaBerlin Zoo1936-04-08
38Pang Pha 8710 EMF1987-03-01FC x Berlin Zoo1987-09-30
39Rannie EMFwilddead x Berlin Zoo1932-05-24
40Robert EMFwilddead1867 x Berlin Zoo1862-00-00
41Rostom (Rustum) 762 EMMwilddead1892 x Berlin Zoo1881-04-17
42Salim (Salem) LAMwild1952dead1975 x Berlin Zoo1955-00-00
43Shaina Pali 200509 EMFcaptive-born2005-06-15dead2011-04-05Victor x Pang PhaBerlin Zoo2005-06-15
44Shanti EMFwild1947dead1975-06-29 x Berlin Zoo1950-00-00
45Siam EMMwild1921dead1947 x Berlin Zoo1933-00-00
46Taku EMFwild1932dead1938 x Berlin Zoo1934-00-00
47Taku II EMFunknowndead1943-11-22 x Berlin Zoo1938-00-00
48Tanja 6711 EMFwild1964-00-00dead2018-10-16 x Berlin Zoo1974-01-08
49Toni II (Mary) EMFwild1903dead1934 x Berlin Zoo1925-00-00
50Toni III EMFwild1905dead1943-11-22 x Berlin Zoo1932-05-24
51Tuzinka 3702 EMFcaptive-born1937-04-16dead1944Jas x Kaska II (Kasia, Katschi)Berlin Zoo
52unknown LCMwilddead1907-05-11 x Berlin Zoo1899-00-00
53unknown LAwilddead x Berlin Zoo1879-00-00
54unknown LAwilddead x Berlin Zoo1879-00-00
55unknown EMFwilddead1892 x Berlin Zoo1888-00-00
56unknown EMFwilddead1898 x Berlin Zoo1895-00-00
57unknown LCMwilddead1917-06-23 x Berlin Zoo1914-07-28
58unknown EMMwilddead1898 x Berlin Zoo1895-00-00
59Victor 9306 EMMcaptive-born1993-10-23PCMotek x WardaBerlin Zoo2000-09-22
60Wastl 3202 EMMcaptive-born1932-05-08dead1943-11-22Boy x CoraBerlin Zoo1939-03-21
61Yala LAFwild1964dead1973-06-20 x Berlin Zoo1966-00-00

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