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1Belfast ZoozooBelfast, Northern Ireland
2Firma RuhedealerAlfeld
3Krefeld ZoozooKrefeld

25 elephants with keyword Krefeld Zoo mentioned in the database

1Birma (Bierma, Bolette) 8601 EMFwild1963dead1988-09-30 x Belfast Zoo1988-03-24
2Birma I (Hamburg, Hamburk) 0502 EMFwild1905-00-00dead x Firma Ruhe1943-09-30
3Chang I 2402 EMMwild1924dead x Firma Ruhe1934-09-01
4Daisy EMFwilddead1935? x Belfast Zoo1934-03-27
5Duala LAFwilddead1985 x Krefeld Zoo1977-00-00
6Dunja 7314 EMFwild1973PC x Belfast Zoo2009-04-04
7Hannolore 3701 EMFcaptive-born1938-09-05deadOmar x Birma I (Hamburg, Hamburk)Firma Ruhe1943-00-00
8Heera Cull 2702 EMFwilddead x Firma Ruhe1938-04-04
9Henny 3704 EMFwild1937dead x Firma Ruhe1938-00-00
10Indra II 3705 EMFwild1937dead x Firma Ruhe1938-00-00
11Jenny 8306 EMFwild1961dead2013-08-23 x Belfast Zoo2009-04-04
12Jenny II 3606 EMFwild1911dead1943-11-22 x Firma Ruhe1939-00-00
13Jubilee 7702 EMMcaptive-born1977-05-08dead2003-08-13Nobby x JudyBelfast Zoo1998-06-10
14Kala 3514 EMFwild1935dead x Firma Ruhe1947-12-16
15Kuka EMMwilddead1939? x Belfast Zoo1934-00-00
16Lene (Lena) 5002 EMFwild1950dead2001-04-22 x Belfast Zoo1988-03-22
17Lulu 8904 EMFwild1966dead2006-09-01 x Belfast Zoo1994-01-21
18Mally EMFdead x Firma Ruhe1931-06-03
19Ö 2404 EMMwild1924-02-24dead x Firma Ruhe1934-07-16
20Puncha 3003 EMFwilddead x Firma Ruhe1943-00-00
21Puppe LAFwild1929dead x Firma Ruhe1932-08-00
22Rajah EMMunknowndead1941 x Belfast Zoo1937-00-00
23Sheila EMFwild1933dead1963 x Belfast Zoo1941-00-00
24Tina 6613 EMFwild1965dead2017-11-05 x Belfast Zoo1966-06-14
25Yhetoo (Yheet thoo) 8006 EMFunknown1977PC x Belfast Zoo2009-01-23

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