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1Brookfield ZoozooChicago
2Dallas ZoozooDallas
3Lincoln Park ZoozooChicago, Illinois
4Wallace and Co CircuscircusPeru, Indiana

44 elephants with keyword Lincoln Park Zoo mentioned in the database

1Affie (Jenny) 86LAFwild1969dead2009-05-15 x Brookfield Zoo1979-03-31
2Ajabu 00LAMcaptive-born2016-05-14PC x MliloDallas Zoo2016-05-14
3Babe (Baby Brookfield) 75EMFwild1946dead1990-02-18 x Brookfield Zoo1966-09-10
4Billy Sunday (Baby Bill) T2025EMMwild1907dead1939-10-16 x Selig Zoo and Movie Studio (Griffith Park Zoo, Luna Park Zoo)1939-00-00
5Binti 179LAFwild1978dead2014-12-30 x Caldwell Zoo2000-11-10
6Chico 54LAMwild1967dead2011-07-09 x Caldwell Zoo2003-05-02
7Christy 203LAFwild1980dead2009-12-22 x Brookfield Zoo1984-12-07
8Congo 443LAFwild1978PC x Dallas Zoo2010-03-00
9Cookie 455EMFwild1961dead1963-10-11 x Brookfield Zoo1962-05-10
10Elka (Elke) 23LAFwild1959dead1992-09-26 x Paramounts Kings Island Wild Animal Habitat1986-12-10
11Gypsy 454LAFwild1982PC x Dallas Zoo2009-03-31
12Honey (Arsali) 7LAFwild1934dead1958-09-11 x Brookfield Zoo1934-06-13
13Jenny 141LAFwild1976PC x Dallas Zoo1986-12-14
14Judy 450EMFwilddead1971 x Lincoln Park Zoo1943-00-00
15Kamba 440LAFwild1980PC x Dallas Zoo2010-03-00
16Kate 469EMFwild1962dead1968-07-02 x Lincoln Park Zoo1963-07-12
17Keke 70LAFwild1968dead2008-05-11 x Dallas Zoo2003-09-26
18Lucy EMFwilddead1958-01-00 x Gran Circo Union1955-00-00
19Mama 94LAFwild1970dead2015-05-13 x Dallas Zoo2010-03-16
20Mame 107LAFwild1971dead2003-06-17 x Brookfield Zoo1972-06-07
21Mbili 380LAFwild1979dead1984-10-29 x Dallas Zoo1981-09-16
22Melinda 451EMFwild1951dead1953-10-30 x Brookfield Zoo1952-05-10
23Minnie 454EMFwild1929dead1976-09-22 x Brookfield Zoo1934-11-03
24Mlilo LAFwildPC x Dallas Zoo2016-03-11
25Mogul 474EMMwild1958dead x Murray Hill Enterprises1963-07-17
26Moja 180LAFwild1979dead1991-11-12 x Dallas Zoo1981-09-16
27Mtoto 108LAFwild1971dead1992-06-11 x Brookfield Zoo1980-02-03
28Nancy 449EMFwild1920dead1951-01-19 x Brookfield Zoo1933-11-10
29Peaches 12LAFwild1950dead2005-01-17 x Lincoln Park Zoo2003-04-14
30Pearl 301EMFcaptive-born1988-12-07dead1991-09-02Thai (Thailand) x InduLincoln Park Zoo1991-04-25
31Peter Pan 21LAMwild1956dead1969-05-28 x Brookfield Zoo1957-05-07
32Queen EMFunknowndead1955-08-29 x Dallas Zoo1919-00-00
33Stumpy 55LAFwild1965dead2012-04-13 x Dallas Zoo2010-03-16
34Tatima (Deteema) 74LAFwild1969dead2004-10-15 x Lincoln Park Zoo2003-04-21
35Tembo 6LAFwild1930dead1943-07-14 x Brookfield Zoo1934-06-13
36Tenadji LAFwildPC x Dallas Zoo2016-03-11
37Unknown 457EMFwild1964dead1965-09-30 x Brookfield Zoo1965-09-28
38Wankie (Wanki) 73LAFwild1969dead2005-05-01 x Hogle Zoo (Salt City Zoo)2005-05-01
39Widget 19LAFwild1954dead1977-03-14 x Brookfield Zoo1955-05-14
40Wilbur T1023EMMwild1915dead1934-07-21 x Dallas Zoo1922-11-06
41Ziggy (Herman) 453EMMwild1919dead1975-10-27 x Brookfield Zoo1936-07-28
42Zola LAFwildPC x Dallas Zoo2016-03-11
43Zombie 8LCFwild1934dead1943-07-04 x Brookfield Zoo1939-09-09
44Zombini 10LCFwild1936dead1944-09-19 x Brookfield Zoo1939-09-09

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