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2Los Angeles ZoozooLos Angeles, Californiahttp://www.lazoo.org

28 elephants with keyword Los Angeles Zoo mentioned in the database

1Albert ( Toomai ) EMMwilddead1984-07-19 x Los Angeles Zoo1984-00-00
2Ali (Lolly) 356LAFwild1971FC x Shoushan Zoo1979-00-00
3Anna Mae T2104EMFwild1904dead1939-08-23 x Selig Zoo and Movie Studio (Griffith Park Zoo, Luna Park Zoo)1920-00-00
4Annie 341EMFwild1965dead1997-03-22 x Los Angeles Zoo1994-04-18
5Annie (Josephine) 355LAFwild1971dead2004 x Shoushan Zoo1979-00-00
6Billy 309EMMwild1985PC x Los Angeles Zoo1994-07-22
7Bojo T2024EMF1946?dead1968-07-01 x Los Angeles Zoo1948-05-22
8Capone 327LAMwild1962dead1970 x Los Angeles Zoo1968-00-00
9Colonel Joe (Dillinger, Wise Guy) 679EMMwild1964dead2012-05-01? x Circus Krone2002-00-00
10Geeta 176EMFwild1958dead2006-06-10 x Los Angeles Zoo1959-12-08
11Gita EMFwild1958dead2006-06-10 x Los Angeles Zoo1959-00-00
12Hannibal 175LAMwild1978dead1992-03-20 x Los Angeles Zoo1980-07-14
13Jewel 673EMFwild1964PC x Los Angeles Zoo2010-11-10
14Jobie T2194EMFwild1965dead x Parque Zoologico Benito Juarez (Morelia zoo)1975-05-13
15Joyce EMFunknown1945dead1979-04-17 x Los Angeles Zoo1953-01-04
16Maya T2226EMFwild1968-06dead x Parque Zoologico Benito Juarez (Morelia zoo)1975-05-13
17McClean 359LAFwild1971dead1986-03-01 x Los Angeles Zoo1977-11-28
18Me-Tu 49EMFcaptive-born1962-10-02dead1996-02-13Thonglaw x RosyPortland Zoo (Metro Washington Park Zoo)1967-02-11
19Modoc 438 (T2239)EMFwild1964dead1980-07-26 x Los Angeles Zoo1979-12-15
20Njogu 316LAFwild1952dead1977-08-19 x Los Angeles Zoo1960-09-27
21noname 64EMMcaptive-born1975-05-10dead1975-12-02Packy x Me-TuLos Angeles Zoo1975-05-10
22Pumbava (Pumbe, Pumbie, Maya) 331LAFwild1964dead2012-04-28 x Parque Zoologico Benito Juarez (Morelia zoo)1975-05-13
23Sage 358LAFwild1971dead1984-05-25 x Los Angeles Zoo1977-11-28
24Shaunzi 99EMFwild1970unknown x Los Angeles Zoo2017-06-27
25Shirley Temple EMFwilddead x Unknown
26Tara 57LAFwild1960dead2004-12-12 x Los Angeles Zoo1966-12-02
27Tina 672EMFwild1966PC x Los Angeles Zoo2010-11-10
28unknown LAMwilddead1982-12-13 x Los Angeles Zoo

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