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NoNameTypeLast update
1Lucy Truelsonelephant keeper2021-11-13 16:38:05
2Lucas McGhieelephant keeper2021-11-13 16:58:37
3Michael Lynchveterinarian2021-11-13 17:23:14
4Ellis Josephanimal trader2021-11-18 20:57:10
5Albert Le Souefdirector2021-11-19 19:55:45
6Caroline Cottonartist2021-11-19 20:10:12
7William Le Souefdirector2021-11-19 20:43:47

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2 locations which may match your search Melbourne Zoo in the elephant database.

1Melbourne ZoozooMelbourne
2Werribee Open Range ZoozooWerribee

20 elephants with keyword Melbourne Zoo mentioned in the database

1Abu EMFwild1935dead2002 x Ashtons Circus
2Alice EMFunknown1891?dead1956-07-04 x Wirth Circus1952-12-01
3Betty EMFwild1931dead1973-09-25 x Melbourne Zoo1939-01-01
4Bong Su EMMwild1974-08-03dead2017-10-09 x Melbourne Zoo1977-02-01
5Dokkoon EMFcaptive-born1993unknown x Melbourne Zoo2006-11-06
6Kulab EMFcaptive-born2000FC x Melbourne Zoo2006-11-06
7Lampoon EMFunknownFC x Satuek District unspecified owner
8Luk Chai EMMcaptive-born2009-07-04PCGung (Prawn) x Thong DeeMelbourne Zoo2020-12-03
9Mali EMFcaptive-born2010-01-16FCBong Su x DokkoonMelbourne Zoo2010-01-15
10Man Jai EMMcaptive-born2013-12-08FCBong Su x DokkoonMelbourne Zoo2013-12-08
11Mek Kapah EMFwild1973FC x Melbourne Zoo1978-05-11
12Miss Siam EMFwild1881dead1904-05-07 x Adelaide Zoo1884-01-01
13Num-Oi EMFcaptive-born2001FCNum Sek x LampoonMelbourne Zoo2006-11-06
14Ongard 00EMMcaptive-born2010-09-10PCBong Su x KulabZoo Miami (Miami Metro Zoo)2018-05-09
15Peggy EMFwild1931dead1988-10-30 x Melbourne Zoo1939-01-01
16Queenie EMFwild1900dead1945-06-22 x Melbourne Zoo1902-03-03
17Rani (Rhanee, Ranee) EMFwild1881dead1903-12-15 x Melbourne Zoo1883-03-00
18Sanook EMMcaptive-born2013-01-17dead2013-12-03Bong Su x Num-OiMelbourne Zoo2013-01-17
19unknown LAunknownunknowndead x Melbourne Zoo
20Willow EMFcaptive-born2016-06-15dead2016-08-02Putra Mas x Num-OiMelbourne Zoo2016-06-15

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