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1Circus KornilovcircusMoscow
2Leningrad Zoo (St. Petersburg Zoo)zooSt. Petersburg
3Moscow ZoozooMoscow
4Riga ZoozooRiga

43 elephants with keyword Moscow Zoo mentioned in the database

1Alisa LAFwild1983dead2001-01-29 x Moscow Zoo1985-07-30
2Betti EMwilddead1941-09-00 x Leningrad Zoo (St. Petersburg Zoo)
3Betty (Betje) 8303 LAFwild1983dead2014-03-19 x Beekse Bergen Safaripark2012-08-27
4Candy 9502 EMFcaptive-born1995-03-02dead2008-09-12Jimmi (Jimmy) x PregoljaYerevan Zoo 2007-12-01
5Chandrama 3507 EMFwilddead x Moscow Zoo1937-08-21
6Chin Chang EMMwilddead1900 x Moscow Zoo1882-00-00
7Chita EMFunknowndead x Circus Kornilov1991-00-00
8Dikija (Dicky) EMFwild1910dead1952 x Riga Zoo1940-00-00
9Djindan EMMwilddead1943 x Moscow Zoo1931-00-00
10Dumbo (Bo, Sabitri) 4900 EMFwild1948-08-00dead1962 x Moscow Zoo1958-09-03
11Ed 8405 LAMwild1984dead2007-10-11 x Moscow Zoo1985-07-30
12Filimon 201713? EMMcaptive-born2017-05-25unknownPamir x Pipita (Pepita)Moscow Zoo2017-05-25
13Flora 9910 LAFwild1982dead2007-02-10 x Moscow Zoo2002-11-19
14Gerda EMFunknown1981?dead x Circus Kornilov1991-00-00
15Grand 9503 EMMcaptive-born1995-07-08unknownPamir x Pipita (Pepita)Tbilisi Zoo2014-06-12
16Greta (Griet) 8304 LAFwild1983dead2014-09-26 x Beekse Bergen Safaripark2012-08-27
17Hanako San 4806 EMFwild1948dead1977-09-23 x Riga Zoo1968-05-26
18Jenny EMFwilddead1917 x Moscow Zoo1910-00-00
19Jin-Dau EMFwilddead1936 x Moscow Zoo1924-07-00
20Krospi 4507 EMFwild1945dead1980-01-16 x Leningrad Zoo (St. Petersburg Zoo)1960-03-15
21Kung 0801 EMFwild1908dead1957-09-13 x Leningrad Zoo (St. Petersburg Zoo)1954-10-09
22Lexi 5607 EMMcaptive-born1956-12-19dead1959-04-07Syn (Sjun) x KungLeningrad Zoo (St. Petersburg Zoo)1956-12-19
23Mallicka 3506 EMFwilddead x Moscow Zoo1937-08-21
24Mawljuk EMMwilddead1903 x Moscow Zoo1870-00-00
25Maya EMFunknown1966?dead x Circus Kornilov1967-00-00
26Molly EMFwilddead x Moscow Zoo1946-05-00
27Nelly EMFwilddead1956? x Zoocentrum Moskwa (Objed)1956-00-00
28Nepala EMFwilddead1963-06-17 x Riga Zoo1956-00-00
29Nicholaus IIs elephant LAFwilddead1916 x Moscow Zoo1916-00-00
30noname 8604 EMFcaptive-born1986-02-18dead1986-03-16John x ZitaMoscow Zoo1986-02-18
31Pamir 8001 EMMunknown1980unknown x Moscow Zoo1985-01-22
32Pipita (Pepita) 8509 EMFunknown1981-00-00unknown x Moscow Zoo1985-01-22
33Pobeda 200905 EMFcaptive-born2009-04-22unknownPamir x Pipita (Pepita)Moscow Zoo2009-04-22
34Prima 8508 EMFwild1981-00-00dead2013-12-00 x Moscow Zoo1985-01-22
35Ranga EMFunknown1956?dead2019? x Circus Kornilov1991-00-00
36Rango EMFwild1903dead1973 x Riga Zoo1963-00-00
37Sarra EMFwilddead1913 x Moscow Zoo1910-00-00
38Shango EMMwilddead x Moscow Zoo1940-00-00
39Siams EMMwild1906dead1959 x Riga Zoo1946-00-00
40Sidevi EMFwilddead1986-12-16 x Riga Zoo1986-00-00
41Syn (Sjun) 0703 EMMwild1907dead1982 x Leningrad Zoo (St. Petersburg Zoo)1954-10-09
42Tarun 8207 EMMwild1974dead2008-10-19 x Odessa Zoo1982-05-08
43Zita 8312 EMFwild1969dead1990-07-15 x Riga Zoo1987-08-11

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