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Munich Zoo

2 persons which may match your search Munich Zoo on this website.

NoNameTypeLast update
1Josef Hackelephant trainer2021-11-09 08:06:13
2Hans Wernerelephant head-keeper2021-11-11 20:08:15

No page with the name Munich Zoo in the database. !

3 locations which may match your search Munich Zoo in the elephant database.

1Circus KniecircusRapperswilhttp://www.knie.ch
2Kronberg Opel ZoozooKronberghttp://www.opel-zoo.de/
3Munich ZoozooMunichhttp://www.zoo-munich.de

36 elephants with keyword Munich Zoo mentioned in the database

1Afrika 6502 LAFcaptive-born1965-08-28dead1982Vauka x OpelineKronberg Opel Zoo1965-08-28
2Afrikano 6808 LAMcaptive-born1968-04-15dead1981Vauka x OpelineKronberg Opel Zoo1968-04-15
3Ali LAMwild1980dead2004-01-19 x Kronberg Opel Zoo1983-06-24
4Anna 6001 LAFwild1960dead2000-01-24 x Vienna Zoo1993-06-15
5Aruba 7902 LAFwild1979dead2020-03-11 x Kronberg Opel Zoo1981-09-17
6Boy 1003 EMMwild1910dead1938-02-00 x Munich Zoo1929-00-00
7Buby (Bubi) LAMwilddead1930 x Circus Kludsky1920-00-00
8Ceylon EMFwilddead1963 x Circus Knie
9Claudia EMFwilddead x Circus Knie1944-00-00
10Contess EMFunknowndead x Circus Knie1944-00-00
11Conti LAMwild1955dead1971-05-00 x Kronberg Opel Zoo1955-06-01
12Dicky EMFwilddead x Circus Knie
13Dirndl EMFunknown1966?dead2004-08-25 x Kiev Zoo1998-08-04
14Frieda EMFdead x Circus Knie1944-00-00
15Gajendra 9302 EMMcaptive-born1993-04-30PC x Munich Zoo2017-03-29
16Herta EMFdead x Circus Knie1944-00-00
17Java 5302 EMFwild1951dead1996 x Circus Knie1953-00-00
18Kariba 20042 LAFcaptive-born2006-03-17PCTembo x Saba (Sabah)Kronberg Opel Zoo2020-08-26
19Lilak 7106 LAFwild1971PC x Kronberg Opel Zoo2020-08-26
20Lohimi 8516 EMFcaptive-born1985-05-24dead1988-07-21Maxi x Claudy (Claudia)Circus Knie
21Madura EMFcaptive-born1965-08-04dead1984-06-21Siam x JavaCircus Knie
22Mary EMFunknowndead x Circus Knie1944-00-00
23Maundy EMFunknowndead x Circus Knie1944-00-00
24Max 8310 EMMwild1968dead1997-04-30 x Munich Zoo1983-06-09
25Miniak 5101 EMFwild1951dead2004-11-11 x Circus Knie1953-00-00
26Opeline 5201 LAFwild1952dead1993-06-14 x Kronberg Opel Zoo1955-06-01
27Rani EMFdead x Circus Knie1944-00-00
28Rosa EMFwilddead1974-08-22 x Circus Knie1928-00-00
29Sandry EMFwild~1934dead1987-07-10 x Circus Knie1938-08-10
30Tamo 200800 LAMcaptive-born2008-01-13FCTusker x SweniKronberg Opel Zoo2013-04-17
31Tarka EMFwild1911dead1949-12-00 x Circus Knie1944-00-00
32Toto LAFwild1964dead1992-03-00 x Kronberg Opel Zoo1982-12-14
33unknown EMFunknowndead x Circus Knie
34Vauka 5501 LAMwild1955dead1977-10-00 x Kronberg Opel Zoo1955-06-01
35Wankie 8207 LAFwild1982dead2014-11-16 x Kronberg Opel Zoo1984-03-13
36Zimba 8208 LAFwild1982dead2021-04-10 x Kronberg Opel Zoo1984-03-13

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