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1Dresden ZoozooDresden

21 elephants with keyword Otto Sailer-Jackson mentioned in the database

1Birka EMFwild1916dead1957-02-09 x Dresden Zoo1956-05-31
2Birma EMFwilddead1944-01-08 x Dresden Zoo1924-05-31
3Bombay EMFwild1960dead1990-08-01 x Dresden Zoo1963-06-07
4Carla 4401 EMFcaptive-born1944-08-10dead1962-04-22Piccolo x Birma IIDresden Zoo1951-07-02
5Drumbo 9009 LAFwild1990FC x Dresden Zoo1992-05-02
6Jumbo LAMwilddead1940 x Dresden Zoo1925-00-00
7Konga LAFwilddead1991 x Dresden Zoo
8Lacksemie (Lakshmi) EMFwilddead1945-02-14 x Dresden Zoo
9Lilly (Lilli) EMFwild1860dead1911-05-00 x Dresden Zoo1863-07-08
10Mary EMFwild1911dead1911-09-00 x Dresden Zoo1911-09-00
11Mogli 9907 LAFwild1995PC x Dresden Zoo1999-01-13
12Mucki EMFwild1919dead1942-07-26 x Dresden Zoo1942-04-00
13Nanga EMFwild1933dead1942-07-24 x Dresden Zoo1933-09-00
14Odette EMFwilddead1945-02-14 x Dresden Zoo1942-11-16
15Paul EMMwild1906dead1924-01-27 x Dresden Zoo1911-09-00
16Safari EMFwild1926dead1976-02-12 x Dresden Zoo1956-05-31
17Sawu 9908 LAFwild1996FC x Dresden Zoo1999-01-13
18Schöpfi 6004 EMFwild1958dead2010-02-03 x Dresden Zoo1960-10-07
19Star 6309 EMFwild1961dead1963-06-08 x Dresden Zoo1963-06-07
20Tonga 8910 LAMwild1989PC x Dresden Zoo2020-11-09
21Unknown LAunknownwilddead x Dresden Zoo1870-00-00

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