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NoNameTypeLast update
1Ellis Josephanimal trader2021-11-18 20:57:10
2Simone Vitaliveterinarian2021-11-19 12:10:25
3Steve Edmundselephant head-keeper2021-11-19 12:57:53
4Joseph Nobleanimal trainer2021-11-19 14:20:10
5Richard Wilsonelephant head-keeper2021-11-19 14:56:06
6Ernest Le Souefdirector2021-11-19 19:42:04
7Nancy Le Souefassistant director2021-11-19 21:01:55

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3 locations which may match your search Perth Zoo in the elephant database.

1Freemantle HarbourseaportPerth
2Perth ZoozooSouth Perth
3Phnom Tamao Zoo and Wildlife Rescue Center (PTWRC)zooPhnom Tamao

14 elephants with keyword Perth Zoo mentioned in the database

1Chamroeun EMFwildunknown x Phnom Tamao Zoo and Wildlife Rescue Center (PTWRC)2003-00-00
2Chepam (Teduh) EMFwild1990dead2007-05-00 x Perth Zoo1992-12-15
3Dolly Funknowndead x Perth Zoo1934-12-15
4Jumbaroo EMMunknown1907dead x Perry Brothers Circus1922-05-30
5Kanlaya EMFcaptive-born2018-06-14PCPutra Mas x PorntipTaronga Dubbo Western Plains Zoo2018-06-14
6Permai EMFwild1989FC x Perth Zoo1992-12-15
7Porntip EMFunknown1992PC x Taronga Dubbo Western Plains Zoo2015-04-24
8Putra Mas EMMwild1989PC x Perth Zoo1992-12-15
9Ranee EMFunknown1903dead1961-12-24 x Perth Zoo1923-00-00
10Sambo EMFunknowndead2001 x Wildaid Cambodia (Military camp)2001-00-00
11Shusheela EMFunknown1928dead x Perth Zoo1936-05-12
12Srey Pao (Srey Pov) EMFwild1965dead2013-05-12 x Phnom Tamao Zoo and Wildlife Rescue Center (PTWRC)2001-00-00
13Tara EMFunknown1958dead1987-10-00 x Sole Brothers Circus1965-12-24
14Tricia EMFwild1957FC x Perth Zoo1963-01-23

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