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1Campbell's New York and Philadelphia Zoological and Equestrian Institute
2Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical GardenzooCincinnati, OH
3Philadelphia ZoozooPhiladelphia, PA
4Philadelphia Zoological Garden United With New York Institutecircus

31 elephants with keyword Philadelphia Zoo mentioned in the database

1Anak 200305 EMFcaptive-born2003-07-26PCAlexander x SheRaCincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden2023-11-05
2Bette 448LAFwild1982FC x Fairhope Conservation Center2009-07-08
3Chief EMMwild1864dead1890-12-00 x Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden
4Dom Pedro 560EMMwild1873dead1886-12-10 x Philadelphia Zoo1876-11-01
5Dulary 175EMFwild1963dead2013-12-23 x Tennessee Elephant Sanctuary (TES)2007-04-30
6Empress 556EMFwild1872dead1914-07-08 x Philadelphia Zoo1876-11-01
7Empress (Gypsy) EMFwilddead x Harris Nickel Plate Shows1892-00-00
8Forepaughs Bolivar 555EMMwild1861dead1908-07-21 x Philadelphia Zoo1888-12-25
9Gympy 309LCFwild1929dead1954-04-23 x Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden1932-00-00
10Hatnee EMFwilddead1917 x Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden1877-00-00
11Hydari (Dari, Hi-Dari) 33LAFwild1960dead2015-08-08 x Hogle Zoo (Salt City Zoo)1967-06-20
12Jati-Hit 315EMFwild1987PC x Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden1991-01-29
13Jennie 559EMFwilddead1898-01-18 x Philadelphia Zoo1874-06-08
14Josephine 5LCFwilddead1943-03-12 x Philadelphia Zoo1925-04-04
15Kabir 201711? EMMcaptive-born2017-05-15PCUpali x SheRaCincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden2023-11-05
16Koa 320LAMwild1956dead1967-09-19 x Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden1964-09-14
17Kutenga 50LAFwild1964dead1991-07-31 x Philadelphia Zoo1966-06-09
18Lakshmi EMFwild1957dead2005-07-20 x Philadelphia Zoo
19Lizzie (Empress) 432EMFwild1898dead1940-06-24 x Philadelphia Zoo1902-05-15
20Mai-Thai 78EMFwild1973PC x Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden1996-06-24
21Mary 4LAFwild1920-11dead1924-05-22 x Philadelphia Zoo1924-05-07
22Peggy 174EMFwild1941dead1994-02-10 x Philadelphia Zoo1947-07-08
23Petal 20LAFwild1955dead2008-06-09 x Philadelphia Zoo1957-05-13
24Pizarro EMMwilddead1847-04-15 x Raymond & Warings Menagerie, Museum and Circus United1845-03-00
25Sanjay 201802? (EEP nr N/A) EMMcaptive-born2018-02-10PCUpali x AnakCincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden2023-11-05
26Schottzie 7505 79EMFcaptive-born1975-12-15PCChieng Mai x Buag Hah (Pang Yang)Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden1996-06-17
27Schottzie 524EMFwild1961dead1978-01-31 x Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden1961-10-21
28SheRa 9008 756EMFcaptive-born1990-11-25PCRamon x IrmaCincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden2023-11-05
29Tetley 39LAFwilddead1961-12-30 x Philadelphia Zoo1961-09-07
30Tillie EMFwilddead1932-01-18 x Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden1925-00-00
31Unknown 1LAFwilddead1879-07-10 x Philadelphia Zoo1874-12-13

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