Phoenix Zoo

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1Miyazaki City Phoenix ZoozooTannowa
2Phoenix ZoozooPhoenix, Arizona

11 elephants with keyword Phoenix Zoo mentioned in the database

1Ibala 189LAFwild1979dead2005-05-13 x Disneys Animal Kingdom1997-10-04
2Jack (Jackson) 368LAMwild1976PC x Fairhope Conservation Center2008-12-18
3Moyo 205LAFwild1981dead2014-09-29 x National Elephant Center U.S.A.2013-05-15
4Rafiki 190LAFwild1979dead2019-03-27 x Disneys Animal Kingdom1997-10-04
5Reba 283EMFwild1970dead2020-03-30 x Phoenix Zoo1999-12-17
6Ruby 173EMFwild1973dead1998-11-06 x Phoenix Zoo1997-11-11
7stillborn EMFcaptive-born1998-11-06dead1998-11-06Sneezy x RubyPhoenix Zoo1998-11-06
8Thandi 195LAFwild1980PC x Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens2015-11-13
9Tova 413EMFwild1969dead2015-11-15 x Tulsa Zoo2015-09-28
10Tsavo 562LAMcaptive-born2008-06-28PCJack (Jackson) x MoyoDisneys Animal Kingdom2015-11-13
11Tufani 538LAMcaptive-born2003-05-22dead2014-01-00Maclean (Mac) x MoyoNational Elephant Center U.S.A.2013-05-15

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