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NoNameTypeLast update
1Michael Lynchveterinarian2021-11-13 17:23:14
2Franz Tischelephant trainer2021-12-25 19:27:15
3Joan Emberyconservationist2022-03-14 00:51:42
4Gerald Thomaselephant keeper2022-03-15 08:45:23
5Frank Buckanimal trader2022-03-17 01:57:07

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1Lowry Park ZoozooTampa, Florida
2San Diego ZoozooSan Diego
3San Diego Zoo Safari ParkzooEscondido

39 elephants with keyword San Diego Zoo mentioned in the database

1Albert EMMwilddead1984-07-19 x Los Angeles Zoo1984-00-00
2Baby Boo (Baby Baraboo) 491EMFcaptive-born1900dead1939 x VenedaSan Diego Zoo1937-10-01
3Cha-Cha 219EMFwild1967dead2012-01-04 x San Diego Zoo2009-04-25
4Connie 180EMFwild1969dead2012-07-17 x San Diego Zoo2012-03-00
5Cookie 217EMFwild1955dead2012-01-06 x San Diego Zoo2009-04-25
6Culver 565EMFwild1920dead x Cole Brothers Circus1936-10-03
7Devi 221EMFwild1967dead2022-11-05 x San Diego Zoo1977-12-13
8Ellie 236LAFwild1982PC x Lowry Park Zoo2003-04-18
9Empress 488EMFwild1922dead1942-07-01 x San Diego Zoo
10Hatari (Baby) 31LAFwild1959dead1998-07-23 x San Diego Zoo1998-08-23
11Heffalump 499EMFwild1958dead1970-03-11 x San Diego Zoo1970-02-21
12Inhlonipho LAMcaptive-born2011-09-26PCMabu x UmnganiSan Diego Zoo2021-04-00
13Jewel 673EMFwild1964dead2023-01-15 x Los Angeles Zoo2010-11-10
14Jumbo (Mila, Melanie Kai, Mele Kahea) 364LAFwild1973dead2017-03-15 x San Diego Zoo2013-11-14
15Kachikau LAFwilddead2010-04-00 x Caprivi Strip
16Kaia 00LAFcaptive-born2018-09-27unknownMabu x UmnganiSan Diego Zoo Safari Park2018-09-27
17Liz 222EMFwild1964dead2018-04-01 x Winston Wildlife Safari2017-03-00
18Lucki 500EMFwild1941dead1988-08-28 x San Diego Zoo1941-08-11
19Mary 214EMFwild1964dead2023-05-00 x San Diego Zoo2009-04-25
20Matjeka 537LAFwild1991PC x Lowry Park Zoo2003-08-21
21Mavi 00LAFcaptive-born2013-07-29unknownSdudla x MatjekaLowry Park Zoo2013-07-29
22Maya 223EMFwild1940dead1990-12-23 x San Diego Zoo1941-08-11
23Mbali 536LAFwild1989PC x Lowry Park Zoo2003-08-21
24Mpumi (Mpumelelo) LAcaptive-born2012-12-23unknownSdudla x MbaliLowry Park Zoo2012-12-23
25Msholo 535LAMwild1989PC x Atlanta Zoo2019-07-24
26Ongard 00EMMcaptive-born2010-09-10PCBong Su x KulabZoo Miami (Miami Metro Zoo)2018-05-09
27Prince 490EMMwild1913dead1937-09-19 x San Diego Zoo1936-11-06
28Queenie 489EMFwild1922dead1955-04-06 x T Tidwell Shows1939-00-00
29Ranchipur 218EMMwild1966dead2016-08-23 x San Diego Zoo2009-04-25
30Rosalie T2262EMFwild1961dead x San Diego Zoo1964-02-00
31Sdudla 534LAMwild1990PC x Lowry Park Zoo2010-04-27
32Shaba 193LAFwild1980PC x San Diego Zoo2012-03-00
33Snooks 501EMFdead1979-08-31 x San Diego Zoo1960-07-01
34Sumithi 220EMFwild1967dead2016-04-30 x San Diego Zoo1968-06-04
35Tembo 114LAFwild1971dead2019-12-29 x San Diego Zoo1983-05-03
36Tilly 250EMFwild1960dead2010 x Two Tails Ranch1993-08-01
37Tina 672EMFwild1966PC x Los Angeles Zoo2010-11-10
38Tony EMFwilddead1954 x San Diego Zoo1954-00-00
39Tsandzikle 573LAMcaptive-born2010-12-27PCMabu x LitsembaSan Diego Zoo2021-04-00

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  1. Elephant cam from San Diego Wild Animal Park (elephant web-cams website)
    Who's roaming the African plains at the San Diego Zoo's Wild Animal Park? Windows Media Player 6.4 or above is needed to view the Elephant Cam.

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