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13 elephants with keyword Shanghai Zoo mentioned in the database

1Abang EMFwilddead1979-00-00 x Shanghai Zoo1956-00-00
2Aida EMFwild1994dead1999-12-20 x Royal London Circus
3Aidi EMMwild1992?FC x Royal London Circus
4Apai EMMunknown1979?dead2022-07-01 x Shanghai Zoo2002-00-00
5Bamo EMMunknown1964unknown x Shanghai Zoo1973-00-00
6Banna EMFwild1964dead2018-11-25 x Shanghai Zoo1971-00-00
7Erna EMFcaptive-born1982-12-31dead2006Bamo x BannaShanghai Zoo1982-12-31
8Gelly EMFwild1994dead1999-12-20 x Royal London Circus
9Meina (Lina) EMFcaptive-born1992dead2006Bamo x BannaShanghai Zoo1992-00-00
10Nanjiao EMFwilddead1974-00-00 x Shanghai Zoo1955-00-00
11unknown EMFcaptive-born2006-11-00unknownBamo x BannaShanghai Zoo2006-11-00
12Yina EMFcaptive-born1978-06-04dead1984Bamo x BannaShanghai Zoo1974-06-04
13Yuan Yuan EMMcaptive-born2001-05-00dead2006-01-01Bamo x ErnaShanghai Zoo2001-05-00

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