Sheldricks elephant orphanage

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1DSWT VoiorphanageTsavo East National Park
2Sheldricks elephant orphanageorphanageTsavo East National Park

49 elephants with keyword Sheldricks elephant orphanage mentioned in the database

1Ajali LAMwild2010FC x DSWT Voi
2Araba LAFwildwild x DSWT Voi
3Arruba LAFwild2012-09-00FC x DSWT Voi2015-12-04
4Bada LAFwild2012FC x DSWT Voi
5Dabassa LAMwild2009FC x DSWT Voi2011-08-14
6Dida LAFwild2007-08-00dead2012-03-09 x DSWT Voi2010-05-18
7Elkerama LAMwild2012FC x DSWT Voi2015-12-22
8Embu LAFwildFC x DSWT Voi2015-12-22
9Emoli LAMwildFC x DSWT Voi2019-06-04
10Godoma LAFwildFC x DSWT Voi2018-05-21
11Ishaq-B LAFwild2010FC x DSWT Voi2013-11-10
12Kenia LAFwild2007FC x DSWT Voi2009-11-04
13Kihari LAFwild2010-09-00FC x DSWT Voi2013-11-10
14Kimana LAMwild2008-05-00FC x DSWT Voi2010-05-18
15Lasayen LAMwild2014FC x DSWT Voi2018-05-21
16Layoni LAMwild2009FC x DSWT Voi2011-12-14
17Lempaute LAFwild2006FC x DSWT Voi2009-04-29
18Lentili LAFwild2012-07-00FC x DSWT Voi2015-04-22
19Lesanju LAFwild2006FC x DSWT Voi2009-04-29
20Malaika LAFwild1989dead1999 x DSWT Voi1991-00-00
21Mashariki LAFwildFC x DSWT Voi2015-12-04
22Mbegu LAFwild2014FC x DSWT Voi2018-05-21
23Mbirikani LAFwild2009FC x DSWT Voi2014-03-12
24Mudanda LAFwild2012FC x DSWT Voi2013-08-03
25Murit LAMwild2014FC x DSWT Voi2018-05-21
26Mweiga LAFwild1998-11-00dead2007-12-23 x DSWT Voi1999-00-00
27Mzima LAMwild2006FC x DSWT Voi
28Naipoki LAFwild2010FC x DSWT Voi2013-11-10
29Ndii LAFwild2008-08-00FC x DSWT Voi2010-05-18
30Ndoria LAFwild2014FC x DSWT Voi2014-12-03
31Ndotto LAMwild2014FC x DSWT Voi2018-05-21
32Nelion LAMwildFC x DSWT Voi2015-04-22
33Ngilai LAMwildFC x DSWT Voi2018-05-21
34Panda LAFwild2010FC x DSWT Voi2012-07-20
35Pika Pika LAFwild2017-09-00FC x DSWT Voi
36Rorogoi LAFwildFC x DSWT Voi2015-12-04
37Sagala LAFwild2015?FC x DSWT Voi
38Shimba LAMwild2006FC x DSWT Voi
39Sinya LAFwild2007-02-00FC x DSWT Voi2009-04-29
40Sorka LAFwild2012FC x DSWT Voi2014-08-03
41stillborn LAcaptive-born1999dead1999 x MalaikaDSWT Voi1999-00-00
42Suswa LAFwildFC x DSWT Voi2015-12-22
43Tagwa LAFwildFC x DSWT Voi2020-05-00
44Tahri LAFwild2015?FC x DSWT Voi2017-09-17
45Tamiyoi LAFwildFC x DSWT Voi2020-05-00
46Tassia LAMwildFC x DSWT Voi2009-08-13
47Taveta LAMwildFC x DSWT Voi2009-08-13
48Tundani LAMwildFC x DSWT Voi2015-04-22
49Wasessa LAFwild2006FC x DSWT Voi2009-02-21

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