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2 locations which may match your search Tel Aviv Zoo in the elephant database.

1Ramat Gan ZoozooRamat-Gan
2Tel Aviv ZoozooTel Aviv

26 elephants with keyword Tel Aviv Zoo mentioned in the database

1Atari 6402 LAFwild1961dead2007-04-03 x Ramat Gan Zoo1964-00-00
2Aviva 7122 EMFunknown1971-11-30dead1998-04-10 x Ramat Gan Zoo1992-03-18
3Aviva 6907 LAFwild1969NC x Ramat Gan Zoo1994-02-24
4Bahati 6401 554LAFwild1961NC x Ramat Gan Zoo
5Helinka LAFcaptive-born1987-04-04dead1987-08-05Yossi x Shara (Sara)Ramat Gan Zoo1987-04-16
6Igal EMMcaptive-born1982-03-08dead1985-03-30Motek x WardaRamat Gan Zoo1982-03-08
7Izik LAMcaptive-born1987-12-01dead1987-12-07Yossi x EttieRamat Gan Zoo1987-12-01
8killed EMMcaptive-born2002-08-00dead2002-08-00Bindu x La PetiteRamat Gan Zoo2002-08-00
9La Belle 200604 EMFcaptive-born2006-03-11NCMotek x La PetiteRamat Gan Zoo2006-03-11
10La Petite 8520 EMFunknown1985-00-00FC x Ramat Gan Zoo2001-01-07
11Lalana 201313 EMFcaptive-born2013-10-02NCMotek x La PetiteRamat Gan Zoo2013-10-02
12Latangi 201309 EMFcaptive-born2013-08-02unknownMotek x La Belle Ramat Gan Zoo2013-08-02
13miscarriage EMFcaptive-born1990dead1990Motek x Lilly (Israela)Ramat Gan Zoo1990-00-00
14Motek 6202 344EMMwild1960dead2022-02-27 x Ramat Gan Zoo1981-00-00
15Motek 6403 553LAFwild1961dead2011-12-13 x Ramat Gan Zoo
16Nhi Linh 201310 EMFcaptive-born2013-08-10PCTimber x Trong NhiSmithsonian National Zoological Park2022-11-06
17noname LAFcaptive-born1998-01-06dead1998-01-06Yossi x YokiRamat Gan Zoo1998-01-06
18noname 7316 EMcaptive-born1973dead1973Motek x WardaTel Aviv Zoo1973-00-00
19noname 7608 EMcaptive-born1976dead1979Motek x WardaTel Aviv Zoo1976-00-00
20Norris (Mazal) 6906 LAFwild1969dead2008-07-07 x Ramat Gan Zoo1973-07-27
21Philo 202006 EMMcaptive-born2020-03-18PCMotek x La PetiteRamat Gan Zoo2020-03-18
22Tali (Sophie) 7305 LAFwild1973dead1986-10-09 x Ramat Gan Zoo1973-07-27
23Timbo 6101 552LAMwild1961dead1978-05-03 x Ramat Gan Zoo
24Victoria EMFcaptive-born2000-04-09dead2000-05-07Motek x WeredRamat Gan Zoo2000-04-09
25Warda 6102 345EMFwild1958dead2024-04-07 x Ramat Gan Zoo1981-00-00
26Yossi 7402 555LAMcaptive-born1974-08-11NCTimbo x BahatiRamat Gan Zoo

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