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23 elephants with keyword Zurich Zoo mentioned in the database

1Aishu 20002 EMMcaptive-born2000-06-10dead2003-10-15Maxi x Ceyla (Ceyla-Himali)Zurich Zoo2000-06-10
2Ceyla (Ceyla-Himali) 7602 EMFwild1975-07-01FC x Zurich Zoo1976-03-24
3Chandra 200204 EMFcaptive-born2002-05-14FCMaxi x IndiZurich Zoo2002-05-14
4Chang II 3604 EMMwilddead1947-12-25 x Zurich Zoo1936-07-17
5Chhukha (Chukkh) 6811 EMF1967-09-01dead2006-03-20 x Zurich Zoo1968-06-24
6Druk 6810 EMFwild1967-04-01dead2016-05-03 x Zurich Zoo1968-06-24
7Farha 200507 EMFcaptive-born2005-05-03FCMaxi x Ceyla (Ceyla-Himali)Zurich Zoo2005-05-03
8Indi 8602 EMFunknown1986-02-28FC x Zurich Zoo1999-10-08
9Komali 8410 EMFcaptive-born1984-07-27dead1995-04-02Maxi x Ceyla (Ceyla-Himali)Zurich Zoo1984-07-27
10Mandjullah 2903 EMFwilddead1966-12-06 x Zurich Zoo1929-09-03
11Maxi 8110 EMMwild1969dead2020-02-10 x Zurich Zoo1981-09-15
12Omysha 201406 EMFcaptive-born2014-06-17dead2022-07-11Maxi x IndiZurich Zoo2014-06-17
13Rani 3205 EMFwilddead1935-10-11 x Zurich Zoo1932-06-06
14Ruwani 201705 EMFcaptive-born2017-02-25dead2022-07-23Thai x FarhaZurich Zoo2017-02-25
15stillborn 8607 EMFcaptive-born1986-05-22dead1986-05-22Maxi x Chhukha (Chukkh)Zurich Zoo1986-05-22
16stillborn EMcaptive-born1993-12-00dead1993-12-00Maxi x KomaliZurich Zoo1993-12-00
17Thai 200408 EMMcaptive-born2004-11-26PCHussein x ThuraZurich Zoo2014-08-12
18Thaia 6615 EMFwild1966dead1988 x Zurich Zoo1980-09-08
19Umesh 202002 EMMcaptive-born2020-02-05dead2022-06-29Thai x IndiZurich Zoo2020-02-05
20Unnamed 202012? (EEP nr N/A) EMMcaptive-born2020-08-19dead2020-08-19Thai x OmyshaZurich Zoo2020-08-19
21unnnamed 202008 EMFcaptive-born2020-04-05deadThai x FarhaZurich Zoo2020-04-05
22Valaja (Valaya) 4402 EMFwild1944-06-00dead1977-08-24 x Zurich Zoo1948-05-01
23Xian 9701 EMMcaptive-born1997-09-08dead1999-11-20Maxi x Ceyla (Ceyla-Himali)Zurich Zoo1997-09-08

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