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martina 2009-09-06 berlin / germany:

i am impressed about your great website so i can read hours and hours and get a lot of informations. tc. m

Henry Tabeling, DMD 2009-09-04 Same:

I was an Oral Surgery Professor at UFCD 1984 when a call from the Exotic Animal farm asked for help treating a young elephant with a fractured tusk just brought in from Zimbawie. Myself, Dr. Shelby Smithey, DMD and Dr Boyd Welsch DMD responded and removed the tusk at the farm without complication. Just came across Jumbolair website and finally found out about Mr Jones who apparently watched our surgery on video. I am pleased to say I contributed something to this worthy cause...Hank Tabelingl, DMD

Madeline Kinder 2009-09-04 UK:

Does anyone know the whereabouts/death(?) of an elephant called Mabel who used to work with Barnum & Bailey's Circus European tour with Ivor Rosaire?

Darla Nickerson 2009-08-12 Darla Nickerson:

I have been searching for a website with all the information in one spot. Thanks

Sue 2009-08-09 Wendover, England:

I'm REALLY impressed you have the new born female from Whipsnade Zoo already! I've been to see her already and she's adorable. I'm still very concerned about progress on researching cures for elephant herpes (which doesn't make me an animal rights activist - but just a lover of elephants), which is in the Whipsnade herd. Can you recommend good places to find out?

Danny Soltys 2009-08-05 Minnesota:

Hi Chuck, This is Danny from Paisle Park in Mn. How is everyone and of course Baby Laura? Not so much a baby anymore. Please send me pics of her. Danny

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