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African elephant numbers
  • 1989: 1 million
  • 2008: fewer than 470,000
Deaths from poaching in Africa
  • 1989: 7.4 percent of the population
  • 2008: 8 percent of the population
Wholesale price of ivory
  • 1990s: $100 per kilogram
  • 2004: $200 per kilogram
  • 2006: to $750 per kilogram
  • 2007: to $850 per kilogram
Source: Sam Wasser


Recently the percentage of African elephants that do not develop Tusks has been steadily increasing in many regions, suggesting that some varieties of the African elephant are losing the tusk as an evolutionary mechanism against poaching. (Christina Larson)

South Africa

South Africa has a legal export of 60 elephant trophies a year. The cost of shooting an elephant is about 20 000 US$, money which partly is financing protection against poaching.


In 2009, the national census estimated the total abundance of elephants in Tanzania was 109,051 individuals, which increased since the late 1980s population of 55,000 individuals. This was likely due in part to anti-poaching actions (Tanzania Elephant Management Plan 2010-2015).




in 1995, four people were executed for poaching elephants for their Tusks. Since then, no poaching cases have been reported. (Los Angeles Times, March 14, 2010)


Home to ca 60 percent of Asias elephants, India (read more on the link) has the highest death rate from human-elephant conflict, with 200-250 people and 100 elephants killed annually. Habitat fragmentation, poaching of tusked males, and patchy forest law enforcement are problems, but numbers are rebounding.

South India

During the eighties and nighties, A criminal band leader, Verappan (known in this state as a"Robin Hood") from the state of Tamil Nadu in India, killed several hundreds of elephants, most of them Tuskers , and about 50 game wardens. So in the case of the Asian elephants, the poaching has not only reduced the population, but also disturbed the balance in the sex ratio of wild populations.

In southern India, poaching of male Tuskers has seriously upset the balance of the sexes, with 30 to 40 females to every male. The normal ratio is one male to four females.

Sri Lanka

A record number of elephants - 361 - have died in Sri Lanka during 2019, environmental Groups say.

It is highest figure of elephant deaths to be reported since Sri Lanka became independent in 1948, conservationists said. Most were killed by people.

There are an estimated 7,500 wild elephants in Sri Lanka. Killing them is illegal, but the animals often come into conflict with rural communities.

Sajeewa Chamikara, an environmentalist from the Movement for Land and Agricultural Reform, told the BBC that some 85% of elephant deaths last year may have been caused by human activity.(Sri Lanka elephants: "Record number" of deaths in 2019, BBC)

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