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Post-mortem examination, or Necropsy, is far more common in veterinary medicine than in human medicine. For many Species that exhibit few external symptoms (sheep), or that are not suited to detailed clinical examination (poultry, cage birds, zoo animals), it is a common method used by veterinary physicians to come to a diagnosis. A Necropsy is mostly used like an autopsy to determine cause of death. The entire body is examined at the gross visual level, and samples are collected for additional analyses.

Below on the links section, India and US protocols for Elephant Necropsy can be downloaded.

From the American Zoo and Aquarium Association (AZA) An elephant necropsy may be a daunting procedure, however, it should be viewed as an important
learning opportunity. Although it may not be feasible to collect all the information and samples requested in each case, collection of as much as possible is encouraged. With the increased availability of digital cameras, photographic documentation of both normal and pathologic structures for future reference is also strongly recommended.

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