Circus Franz Althoff in Germany

Circus Franz Althoff
Franz Althoff with elephants during tour with Circus Scott in 1961. Photo © <a href="">E. Andersson</a>
Franz Althoff with elephants during tour with Circus Scott in 1961. Photo © E. Andersson
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Founded by Franz Althoff (1908-1987), son of Dominik Althoff and father to Harry Althoff und Franziska Althoff (married to Amedeo Folco).

In 1936 Dominik transmitted the direction to Carola and Franz. In 1939 Carola joined Harry Williams (whom she married 1941, they established Circus Willams in 1946) and left the family circus, which was renamed to Circus Franz Althoff with Franz as sole owner.

1950: One of the most famous elephants was Tuffi. Tuffi was 21 of Juli 1950 in the german town Wuppertal brought into Wuppertal Floating Train by her owner Franz Althoff, together with his children Harry and Franseska Althoff, and photographers. Tuffi panicked and broke the glass panes of the moving coach and landed in the Wupper River. According to Franz Althoffs son, Harry Allthoff, Tuffy was scared by the photographers, wo were fighting for positions in order to get the best photo. None of them took a photo of her fall, though. Fortunately, Tuffi was only slightly injured. She went with trams later, and made no problems by train transporting. She was sold to Circus Gruss in 1968.
1951: Franz Althoff had 13 elephants.
1953-1954: Franz Althoff is touring with 3 rings with Circus Scott in Sweden. (15-16 elephants?)
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